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How to Treat Chlamydia with Other Tretments Rather than Antibiotics?

There is no doubt that women who are tortured by chlamydia infection for many years will hate it so much. Once women get this disease, it may cause complications like pelvic inflammatory diseases, cervicitis and endometritis, and so on. It is so dangerous that it can cause great damage to women's reproductive system. 



In recent years, its morbidity is increasing instead of decreasing. Commonly, the usual treatment of chlamydia infection is antibiotics, but this treatment also has some apparent disadvantages while it has so many advantages,  such as drug resistance, high relapse rate, and incomplete treatment. Then questions come, can chlamydia be cured? Is there any other effective treatment or medications for chlamydia?


Can chlamydia be cured?


Somebody has proposed an alternative chlamydia treatment, which is ozone. How about the curative effect of this treatment? And can chlamydia infection be cured by this gas totally?  As is known to all that ozone is a kind of gas. It can combine with other gas and materials. 



So in the medical system, doctors commonly use ozone to cure gynecologic inflammation, by combining with clean water and flushing vagina. Thus, the curative effect of ozone in treating chlamydia infection is excellent. But this treatment is only effective in curing chlamydia vaginitis. However, if patients have chlamydia infection on other reproductive organs, ozone is useless.


How to cure chlamydia?


If you have had chlamydia infection on other parts of reproductive organs, ozone treatment can only be used as adjuvant therapy, effective treatment like herbal medicine can be chosen. Women can eliminate chlamydia infection and release the symptoms of the vagina by using ozone treatment. Then they can treat chlamydia infection in other organs thoroughly by taking natural medicine Fuyan Pill. 



Fuyan pill can not only cure chlamydia infection directly but also can stop the invasion by blocking chlamydia's penetration to healthy cells. Moreover, it can even enhance immunity system, improve self-healing ability to diseases. Thus, chlamydia infection can be diminished within three months with strict diet control. Best wishes for your recovery!

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