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What can we do when find positive mycoplasma in pregnancy test

Pregnancy test has become an indispensable part for eugenics, it can not only help childbearing age women to understand themselves, and see whether she is in her best pregnant state. But also can find out some hidden gynecological diseases, giving a reminder to pregnant women for a timely treatment. 

In Pregnancy test, except some regular checks, the detection of mycoplasma and chlamydia secretion is indispensable. Thus, many women in the pregnancy test are checked out to be mycoplasma infection. Among them, the most common infection is positive UU, followed by positive mycoplasma hominis.
So, when checked out of this infection, what should we do? Before answer this question, let's take a look at what kind of disease the mycoplasma is? 
The female vagina is not an absolute sterile environment, and more than 20 kinds of microorganism exist to achieve an acid-base balance and maintain the normal vaginal microenvironment. However, due to their resistance degradation or immune dysfunction, there are likely to lead to the produce of pathogens such as the mycoplasma positive appear.
When mycoplasma infection appears, we advocate to be treated timely to avoid the pregnancy miscarriage, the secondary infertility or ectopic pregnancy
In current mycoplasma-positive treatment, the overuse of antibiotics in the western has caused the drug susceptibility for many patients. Faced with this hard situation, the western doctors have no choice but turn the Chinese medicine for help. The major treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is Fuyan Pill treatment. Fuyan pill treatment can clear heat, detoxification, promote blood circulation, relieve pain and so on, it has special effect on patients with multi-drug resistant.
Mycoplasma positive found in pregnancy test is not terrible, you if make the pre-treatment, taking Fuyan pill until it turn out to be negative, then you can prepare the pregnancy. During the preparation of pregnancy, if the spouse also checks out the mycoplasma, then we advise your spouse to have a treatment together by taking another medicine created by Dr.lee - the diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill.

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