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Itch in the labia minora can be the infection of mycoplasma?

Nowadays, we get a question from the patient. She said that she felt uneasy because she found she could not stand the itch in the labia minora any more. She also said that she had gone to the hospital before, and the doctor said that she had infected with mycoplasma, but she didn't make a treatment timely because the busy work. So she wanted to ask if the itch was caused by the mycoplasma.

For this question, I want to say that the female mycoplasma can actually lead to the pruritus vulvae.
Generally speaking, when woman infect with mycoplasma and chlamydia in the early stage, no obviously symptoms appear, or even there are some symptoms, they all could be various depend on infection site. For example, if the cervical infection happens, the cervical erosion, cervical mucosal edema, increased vaginal discharge (purulent) and contact bleeding would follow. Also, the tubal infection will lead to the abdominal pain, back pain and infertility. In general, these symptoms were not specific, so it is easy to be overlooked.
Once women infect with mycoplasma and leave untreated for a long time, the symptoms of female genital itching as well as the increased vaginal discharge then can not be avoided. Such kind of itching generally occurs in the clitoris, labia minora, or also spread to the labium majus, perineum and anus. Genital itching generally belongs to the paroxysmal activity, and usually become even serious in the evening.
At present, the mycoplasma infection treatment can be divided into two kinds: western medicine and Chinese medicine. In western treatment, we often take antibiotics. 
In Chinese medicine treatment, we based on the nature effect to change our body condition, eliminate pathogenic living environment, restore vaginal flora balance and prevent recurrence of mycoplasma. Typically, traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill is such kind of medicine that recommended for patients. It is especially suitable for the patients with long suffering. Fuyan pills' raw material contains bupleurum, angelica, atractylodes, honeysuckle, forsythia, plantago, peach kernel, safflower, and so on. It can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mycoplasma and chlamydia and achieve the goal to relieve pain and regulate menstruation.

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