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UU positive will result in the bleeding during non-menstrual period

The case:

When Mary was in her university, she felled in love with her boy friend and they lived together after a short later, Mary found she was accidental pregnancy. She had no choice but to take the abortion surgery. As they both were young, they soon broke up. Since then, almost 3 years, she had the symptoms of bleeding during non-menstrual period, and it would last for 10 days. in this case, her health has been seriously damaged, and she always present pale and severe anemia. 
Until now, she got engaged. And she did a pre-marital check, the results surprised her: the UU positive. With the question of how she get this kind of disease and if the bleeding was related to the disease, she made a consult to Wuhan Dr.lee. Dr.lee said that for parts of patients, UU positive can lead to the bleeding during non-menstrual period. She also said that mycoplasma is a kind of parasitic species in cells and tissues in the human body. About 40% of women's vagina can be separated with the mycoplasma, and it is spread through sex. However, most patients do not have obvious symptoms early, but later than that, this disease could seriously affect women life.
When women infected with the disease, the specific hazards are as follows: 
Once you were infected with mycoplasma, the pathogen would first infect the cervix, then the whole genitourinary system. When it attacks the female reproductive system, the abnormal vaginal discharge, cervicitis, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other symptoms will follow behind. Besides, a variety of inflammatory complications such as dysmenorrhea, itching, abdominal pain, backache and so on could finally cause the infertility. 
For women with childbearing demand, a treatment before pregnancy is a must. If you do not take a treatment, the baby would prone to low birth weight children, neonatal respiratory infections, central nervous system infections or fetal death.
In this case, Dr. Lee recomend the TCM fuyan pill for a treatment. She said that Fuyan pills contain radix, poria, skullcap, gardenia, atractylodes, yams, talc, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, licorice, wood, fumaric, and so on. in treating the mycoplasma, it shows the effect of detoxification, it is not only put a good strength on killing mycoplasma, but also can promote blood circulation, remove spleen dampness.its efficacy has been witnessed by many patients.
After the treatment of fuyan pills, Mary soon got the recovery from the disease, and successfully gave birth to a lively baby.

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