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How does the mycoplasma genitalium infection lead to infertility and how to treat it?

 A friend of mine recently called for me and told me that he had got married for two years, his wife still haven’t pregnant. During the two years, his wife took many drugs, but nothing changed. A few days ago, he persuaded his wife to the hospital to have a check, and the result surprised him: her wife had infected with mycoplasma genitalium, and it presented to be positive. the doctor told him that it was the infection that caused the infertility of his wife. 

So how the mycoplasma genitalium make damages on our body and result in infertility? 
Considering from the female reproductive system, once our body is invaded by mycoplasma, many gynecological diseases lead to infertility will occur, for example, the cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis and so on. And if these reproductive organs are invaded, the symptoms of edema, hyperemia and so on will appear. What’s worse, under the effect of inflammatory cell, the edema exudation then continuous accumulation, and finally cause the chronic cervicitis, tubal adhesions or hydrosapinx. So you should not make an ignorance of these diseases, because once you get it and left untreated, the painful suffering would follow you.
Antibiotic or TCM, which do you want to choose?
There are twelve different kinds antibiotic that can treat mycoplasma infection, such as josamycin, erythromycin, roxithromycin, tetracycline, ofloxacin, levofloxacin and so on. When patients have an oral taking of these antibiotics, they are required to have a susceptibility testing. However, all of these drugs are hold the drug resistance and insecticide resistance and some other side effects, and all these side effects can cause great disorder to the treatment.  
Compared with western medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine can not only avoid these side effects, but also play a good effect permanently. Fuyan pills, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which composed of radix, poria, skullcap, gardenia, atractylodes, yams, atractylodes, angelica, honeysuckle and so on. The detoxification effects in it are equal with the broad-spectrum antibiotics. It can remove pathogens completely without side effects. Besides, it also can remove the spleen dampness, promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. It is the right medicine for mycoplasma-positive treatment.

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