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The root causes of female mycoplasma recurrence

Mycoplasma infection is common seen in the clinical. However, many patients reflect that the mycoplasma infection is difficult to be cured. Or even it is healed, the repeatedly relapse make them agony. So what’s the root causes? Wuhan Dr. Lee gives us the explanation.

Actually, the mycoplasma virus holds weak resistance ability to the external environment. It can be killed at a degree of 45 -55 and about 15 minutes. Besides, the soap or a 70% dilute alcohol can also get it. However, if patients with an immunocompromised body, and without a good care of herself, then she may get a high possibility to relapse. In addition, another reason of the high relapse will be the treatment methods. As we all know, traditional techniques gain many disadvantages, which can lead to a easy recurrence of mycoplasma.
Why mycoplasma infection is easy to relapse 
Clinically, many patients positively give a treatment of mycoplasma infection, but no matter which way they have took, the completely cured can hard to be reached. In this case, Dr.lee gives us the following reasons: 
1. Complications: one of reason for the recurrence of mycoplasma infection is that it leads to some complications, for example, the annex inflammation. So even mycoplasma is cured, these complications are relatively become intractability. 
2. Cross-infection of bacteria: when one infected with mycoplasma, the immunity will be greatly reduced. What’s worse, it may be combined with some other pathogens, and make the cross-infection of a variety of bacteria eventually.
3. Meanwhile, the long-term anti-inflammatory without purpose undermines the normal balance of micro flora as well as the self-cleaning ability. As a result, some pathogens with a weak ability or no causative pathogenic can also put scourge to human body. And the not timely treatment then result in the permanently disease. 
4. Antibiotics abuse: a large number of drug resistance cases have been found in the treatment of mycoplasma. At the same time, the number has been rapidly increasing, which finally become the obstinate resistance.
Thoroughly treatment of female mycoplasma
For the thoroughly treatment of female mycoplasma, fuyan pills created by Wuhan Dr. Lee maybe a good choice. Fuyan pill is typically a herbal Chinese medicine. It can change the body condition through the nature effect and eliminate pathogenic living environment as well as restoring vaginal flora balance and preventing mycoplasma’s recurrence. So it is especially suitable for the patients with long suffering. On the other hand, it not only can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, but also can cure mycoplasma and chlamydia from the root. 

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