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Can I take fuyan pill when having chlamydia during pregnancy?

Chlamydia infection, a common disease in clinic, mainly spreads through sexual contact. When the infection travels to genital tract, it will induce a variety of gynecological diseases, eventually leading to infertility. And for the treatment of female chlamydia infection, traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill has an exact curative effect. Then many women may doubt, can I take fuyan pill when I have chlamydia during pregnancy?

To answer this question, it is necessary to look at the composition of fuyan pill first. Fuyan pill is created by Dr. Li Xiaoping. It is composed of radix bupleuri, poria cocos, radix scutellariae, gardenia, atractylodes ovata, dioscorea batatas, atractylodes sinensis, talcum, angelica, semen persicae, saffron, liquorice and some other herbs.
In the formula, radix bupleuri can soothing liver-gallbladder and resolve depression; poria cocos is able to dispel dampness and nourish spleen; semen persicae focuses on promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood stasis; radix scutellariae gives priority to heat-clearing and detoxicating and hemostasis. The reasonable combination of a variety of herbs maks fuyan pill effectively kill mycoplasma, chlamydia and other pathogens, showing the same effect as antibiotics. In addition, accompanied by the effects of promoting blood circulation and tonifying spleen, fuyan pill eliminates both the various symptoms and the possible complications of chlamydia infection, eventually achieving the therapeutic effect.
Analyzing from the drug constituents and pharmacological functions, it is clear that fuyan pill contains herbs that can promote blood circulation. And this is unfavorable for pregnant women; the improper use may even result in miscarriage. Therefore, to ensure the fetus’ health, fuyan pill is not recommended for pregnant women.
In generally, in order to avoid the stimulation of drugs to the fetus, all kinds of drugs are not recommended to pregnant women. In fact, it is not recommended to conceive for women with chlamydia infection. During the treatment of chlamydia infection, contraception method is always advocated. And both the husband and wife should be treated at the same time less cross-infection should occur.
From the above introductions, it is apparently that fuyan pill is not suggested for the pregnant women taking. In addition, the infection during pregnancy itself can cause a lot of disadvantage to the fetus. It may vertically transmit chlamydia infection to the baby, making the child born with chlamydia infection. So women had better consider getting pregnant when the chlamydia infection is completely cured. Wish all patients get well soon!

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