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Tabooed foods for UU patients with fuyan pill treatment

UU positive, namely the mycoplasma urealytium, is a common sexually transmitted disease. To treat this disease, many patients turn to choose a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) named fuyan pill when antibiotic treatment is invalid. As is well-known, patients should avoid certain foods when taking TCM. So in this article, I will summarize some tabooed foods for UU patients who are on fuyan pill treatment.


Firstly, avoid spicy food. Spicy food refers to the excitant food with spicy taste, which include green and red peppers, chili, black pepper, mustard, raw onions, onion, garlic, leek, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cumin, cardamom, raw ginger, white wine and so on. Spicy food is warm in nature. They are adverse to the efficacy. More important, they can aggravate the disease. So when taking fuyan pill, patients are not allowed to eat these spicy foods.


Secondly, forbid stimulating food. The stimulating food usually refers to the food with the feature of irritation. These foods include onion, garlic and mutton. They should be avoided as they can counteract the effects of medicine.


Thirdly, prohibit seafood. Do not eat fish and shrimp. These foods are incompatible with aromatic substance in TCM. If patients eat these foods when taking fuyan pill, the efficacy of the medicine can be affected.


In a word, when taking fuyan pill to treat UU positive, patients should be on a strict diet: avoid eating spicy, stimulating food and food with a special smell. These foods are prohibited in order to maximize the efficacy of the medicine. Therefore, patients are necessary to follow the diet guidance. Otherwise, the treating time will be extended.


Besides, as UU positive is mainly transmitted through sex, and it can also be transmitted by contacting some daily necessities, patients should also pay attention to the sexual life and personal hygiene. When having sex, it is better for women to make sure both the couples are healthy. This can greatly help prevent the cross infection of mycoplasma urealytium. In addition, during menstrual period, it is recommended that patients withdraw the pills.


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