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Can chlamydia cause endometriosis symptoms?

 Can chlamydia bring endometriosis symptoms to women is the frequently asked questions among women. However, the answer is complicated and cannot be simply classified into yes and no. 

As you may know that the chlamydia is type of bacterium that can be easily caught by having sex with an infected person. This type of bacterium not only can hide in the reproductive organs, but also can spread to other important organs like lungs, eyes, knees and so on. So can the chlamydia causes endometriosis symptoms depends on the spreading location of the chlamydia.
If the chlamydia runs to the lungs, it just only causes breath problems to women. If the chlamydia spreads to urinary tract, women can experience some urinary problems like frequent urination, urgent urination, and painful urination and so on. 
However, when women have the chlamydia in their uterus and have the environment of uterus affected, the chance for them to experience endometriosis symptoms is quite high, because the chlamydia can disturb the balance of the environment and bring endometriosis to women. Therefore, the chlamydia can bring the endometriosis symptoms to women. Therefore, the endometriosis can be treated as a complication of chlamydia. 
Since the complications of the chlamydia is so dreadful. How to avoid these complications? Antibiotics and herbal medicine are excellent options. Antibiotics have strong ability of eliminating bacteria and toxic materials. However, because of the drug resistance, it is more suitable for acute chlamydia. As for the herbal medicine, it is more suitable for chronic type, because herbal medicine has no drug resistance and the effect won’t be affected by long-term treating. 
Due to the features of antibiotics, it is improper to recommend you some antibiotics, because the best way is changing the antibiotic and the dosage based on the effect you’ve got, as for the herbal medicine, Fuyan pill is a good choice. The cure rate of this herbal medicine on chlamydia is very high. What’s more, chlamydia complications like endometriosis can also be eliminated by this herbal medicine. 

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