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What's the best prevention method for chlamydia?

The chlamydia might bring impacts to male’s reproductive ability, if patients leave the chlamydia untreated. What’s more, women can also affect the chlamydia via sex, leading to lots of gynecological diseases like endometritis, salpingitis, oaritis, abortion or even infertility(which are complications of chlamydia in women). Therefore, take actions to prevent chlamydia is necessary and inevitable. Here are some prevention methods for  chlamydia.


Exercise frequently

Exercise can enhance the resistance to infectious diseases. It can block majority bacteria and virus out of the body.


Build a healthy habit

A healthy habit is very important for chlamydia prevention. Unhealthy habits like having multiple sexual partners or having sex without condoms can make you under a high risk of affecting chlamydia. And the two I mentioned above would put a woman at risk for chlamydia. Therefore, people should build a healthy habit.


Take test annually and accept treatment timely if the report is positive

Since around 50% chlamydia are silent and will show no symptoms to patients, it is better for people to take the chlamydia test annually. If the report shows positive, please accept treatment as soon as possible. Actually, the chlamydia can be cured radically, if you can receive treatment timely and choose the right treatment.


All in all, to prevent the chlamydia, people should take positive attitude on this aspect. In addition to the western medication, this disease also can be cured by herbal medicines named Fuyan Pill and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Both of the two pills can cure this disease within three months. By the way, Fuyan Pill is for women and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is for men. 

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