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Hygiene is the key prevention measure of chlamydia women

 Chlamydia is one of the smallest prokaryote that we have known. It is the most common reason of UTI and other urinary tract diseases. According to some data released by WHO, female chlamydia sufferers are more than males. Severe damages on women are brought by the chlamydia, such as gynecologic inflammation, infertility and so on. Although the chlamydia is easy to be cured, how to prevent the chlamydia is the key.


Chlamydia has many types like the UU or the MH which are the most common types. Although the main transmitted method is sex, people can also get this condition via other ways like sharing the same daily used stuff. Therefore, doing a good hygiene job is necessary.


Pay attention to genital hygiene

Since the unprotected sex is the major reason of chlamydia infection, a good sexual habit such as using condom and avoiding multiple sexual partners. Moreover, the living habit is another aspect that people should pay attention to. They should not share personal stuffs like soap or towels with other person.


Do not use medication without guidance

With increased abuse of antibiotics, more and more people tend to take antibiotics without any guidance. Generally dysbacteriosis might be caused by overuse of antibiotics, resulting in chlamydia infection.


Improve immunity by doing exercises

Taking exercise is helpful for preventing and curing disease. Taking exercises is so important for keeping healthy, especially in such a high pressure society.


Value the treatment

If you affect the chlamydia, right and timely treatment is also a key avoiding recurrent, because it is also a measure of preventing. Antibiotics are the frequently used medication of chlamydia infection, but antibiotic therapy has some side effects. If the effect cannot be shown in a short time, patients have to seek for other treatments. One herbal medicine named Fuyan pill is safer than antibiotics. This herbal medication has no drug resistance and effect is better. Women with chlamydia can take Fuyan pill to get a full cure.


The four are the major prevention measure of chlamydia infection. As a female, if she can build a healthy living habit and have good sexual habit, it is easy for her to avoid sex. 

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