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Taking herbal medicine to avoid the infertility caused by chlamydia in women
Chlamydia is a STD disease that can be affected by both women and men. Since 75% women and 50% men are unable to experience any symptoms after having, it is easy for them to miss the best treatment time and experience infertility - one of the severest consequences of chlamydia. But how does the chlamydia bring infertility to women? Let’s take a look at it
Chlamydia infection is a disease that can easily be gained via sex. If one affects this condition, at the beginning, the chlamydia could only be found in the vagina fluid. However, if women are unable to find this condition and accept the treatment timely, the chlamydia infection would spread into its nearby organs through the urinary track, blood circulation and lymph system. When the chlamydia arrives at the pelvic cavity, it brings the pelvic inflammatory disease to women. When it arrives at the fallopian tubes, it leads to tubal conditions like salpingitis, hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesion and even tubal blockage. Since the tubal conditions and the PID are the major causes of infertility, this is how the chlamydia brings infertility to women.
To avoid the infertility caused by chlamydia in women, women should take annual chlamydia test first. If they do affect the chlamydia and want to avoid the infertility , they can take antibiotics or herbal medicine.
Antibiotics, as one of the frequently used treatment, have drug resistance and side effects. However, Herbal medicine has many awesome functions and it is better than antibiotics, because it not only can cure the chlamydia radically, but also can prevent the infertility. Herbal medicine has channel ushering drug and multiple functions. It also has no drug resistance and side effects.
Take the herbal medicine Fuyan pill for example. Fuyan pill has more than 50 herbs. One herb named Pangolin Scales is a channel ushering drug, which is used to strengthen the efficacy of the rest 49 herbs. By combing the peach seed, osmanthus and Pangolin Scales together, this herbal medicine can promote the blood circulation and Qi, which can relieve symptoms like pain. By adding herbs, such as Plantain Seed and Houttuynia cordata in, this herbal can also clear toxic materials and infection. Therefore, Fuyan pill can solve the chlamydia and prevent the infertility.
To sum up, taking herbal medicine to avoid the infertility caused by chlamydia is a good way for women who already have had the chlamydia and infertility.


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