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What Kind of People with Chlamydia is Suitable for Azithromycin?

Chlamydia is a condition that can be affected by both women and men. This condition is a sexually transmitted disease that can bring lots of symptoms to women and men, even though around 75% women and 50% men won’t experience any symptom. However, the chlamydia still needs to be cured timely, because lots of complications can be caused by left untreated chlamydia.

How to cure the chlamydia? For people, azithromycin is one of the most frequently used antibiotics of chlamydia. However, not all patients with chlamydia can take the azithromycin as their treatment due to some reasons. Therefore, what kind of people with chlamydia can take the azithromycin as a treatment?

1. People who are sensitive to azithromycin can take it as a treatment.
As is known, the azithromycin belongs to antibiotics and antibiotics have side effects like drug resistance, damages on organs like liver and kidney, dizzy, nausea and so on. And the drug resistance is one of the most severe side effects of antibiotics. If one has tried the azithromycin before, the drug resistance problem would show and it would affect the sensitivity of the patient to antibiotics. Therefore the effect won’t be good. Therefore, azithromycin is more suitable for people who are sensitive to this antibiotic.

2. People who have no problems on liver and kidney can take it as a treatment
According to the side effect of antibiotics mentioned above, antibiotics can also bring damages to liver and kidney, because the toxic materials are metabolized by liver and kidney. As the toxic materials can bring damage to liver and kidney, the problems can be aggravated by antibiotics if one has live or kidney problems.

3. How to solve the chlamydia, if people cannot take azithromycin as a treatment

Since the side effect of antibiotics is the major barrier of taking it, treatment that has no such side effect would be suitable for people who cannot take azithromycin. Herbal medicine is such an alternative treatment of azithromycin. Take Fuyan pill, a treatment of chlamydia in women, for example. This Fuyan pill has no drug resistance because it solves the chlamydia by improving the immunity and self-healing ability, and also won’t bring damages to liver and kidney due to the herbs that are from nature.

All in all, treatment of chlamydia is important to patient, as is the choice of treatment of chlamydia. People with chlamydia should choose the right treatment of chlamydia based on her or his own situation.


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