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Would The Chlamydia Go Away without Treatment?

Chlamydia is one of the most frequently seen sexually transmitted diseases. This condition is more often to see on people who have multiple sexual partners and people who tend to have sex without protection.

However, due to the unique features of chlamydia, around 75% women won’t experience symptoms and like 50% men won’t have any symptoms. Therefore, lots of patients realize that they have this condition when they have complications.

Some people might take the view that the chlamydia would go away by itself without treatment. But the answer is no. yes, there are some toxic materials would go away without treatment such as yeast infection. But this is because yeast infection is a conditional infection that can occurs when patients feel tired, are lack of sleep, eat improper food and so on.

Unlike the yeast infection, chlamydia isn’t a conditional infection and won’t bring symptoms to patient when patients have these things mentioned above. Even patients can also gain chlamydia when they are tired, but they also have to have unprotected sex with chlamydia carrier.

To cure the chlamydia or make the chlamydia, patients need to receive treatment. And antibiotics and herbal medicine are two most frequently used methods.

Antibiotics always show fast effect on patients. But antibiotics are not suitable for patients who have drug resistance and problems on liver and kidneys. Antibiotics has so many side effects like nausea, dizzy, damages on liver and kidney, which makes antibiotics unsuitable for a long time taking. If one cannot clear the chlamydia within two weeks, sufferers should seek for other alternative treatment.

Herbal medicine is an alternative treatment of chlamydia. Its treating course is longer than antibiotics, but herbal medicine has lots advantages that antibiotics don’t have. Herbal medicine is safe that won’t bring damages to liver and kidney. Herbal medicine also won’t bring nausea and dizzy to patients. What’s more, herbal medicine can also solve the complications that are caused by chlamydia such as prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. Herbal medicine mainly is solving the chlamydia by letting the improved immunity fights against the chlamydia.

All in all, chlamydia won’t go away without treatment and Women with chlamydia can take Fuyan pill and men with this condition can take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.

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