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Three prevention measures for women with chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the smallest prokaryote that we have known. It is the most common reason of UTI and other urinary tract diseases. According to some data released by WHOM, female chlamydia sufferers are more than males. Severe damages on women are brought by the chlamydia, such as gynecologic inflammation, infertility and so on. Although the chlamydia is easy to be cured, how to prevent the chlamydia is the key?

Chlamydia has many types like the UU or the MH; they are the most common types of chlamydia. Chlamydia can be spread easily through sex. And it can also be spread to other daily necessities, such as towels, perfumed soap and so on. In a word, below are three prevention measures for women with chlamydia
Firstly, those who work in the medical field should pay attention to sexual hygiene. Unhealthy sexual relation is the main cause of chlamydia infection. So pay attention to your sex hygiene. One of the most effective methods to prevent chlamydia is don't abuse unhealthy sexual intercourse. In addition, you should also pay attention to your daily hygiene. For example, don't use the towel or perfumed soap in public occasions, you'd better put your personal belongs separately. This is also a good prevention measure for chlamydia. Moreover, with the spread use of antibiotics in recent years, the phenomenon of abusing antibiotic is more common. Excessive use of antibiotics can cause the body flora imbalance, thus mycoplasma infection would easily occur in this situation. 
Secondly, you should exercise actively to promote the body's immune ability. Exercise actively is helpful for the prevention of any diseases. Especially in today's speed up pace of life, proper exercise is really significance to the healthy life. 
Last but not the least is pay attention to the treatment. Once you are infected with chlamydia, the accurate treatment is the key to prevent it from occurring again. From another perspective, the timely treatment is also a prevention of it. Except for antibiotic, you can try herbal medicine, "fuyan pill". It is made from natural, and won't bring the side effects or drug resistances as antibiotic does. What's more, it could permeate into the root of the infection that antibiotics can't arrive, thus it could eliminate chlamydia completely without reoccur.
As a female, you should keep a good personal hygiene habit, don't abuse sex. Try to go out and take exercises more. And take timely treatment. Normally, you could keep away from infecting chlamydia from these prevention measures. If unfortunately, you have infected with it, you could also try antibiotics or herbal medicine "fuyan pill" according to your own situation, and the positive treatment could also bring the healthy back to you. Hope all of female friends could enjoy a healthy life.

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