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Is Sexual Transmission the Only Path of Female Chlamydial Infection?

Chlamydia infection causes great harm to women, so everyone should actively prevent it, do not let chlamydia infection have the opportunity to harm women, and understand the way of chlamydia infection can allow women to carry out targeted prevention, then, is sexual transmission the only route for female chlamydial infection?

What are the ways of female chlamydia infection: (for more information, refer to Chlamydia Introduction by American Sexual Health Association 
1. Firstly, through self-infection, this situation only occurs in patients, which may cause the local environment to become warm and humid. However, the virus is the most suitable for Chlamydia infection, so it is easy to cause infection. It is recommended to treat it in time. Women with Chlamydia infection can be treated with the patented TCM formula Fuyan Pill, while paying attention to hygiene and cleanliness, avoid sexual intercourse, so as not to cause unnecessary infection.
2. Second contact infection: mainly refers to sexual contact and direct physical contact, such as sleeping with the patient, bathing, contacting with the skin damaged by the patient, the mucosa of the lesion and secretions.
3. Passive infection of patients infected with chlamydia: also known as indirect contact infection, healthy people are exposed to the infections caused by the patient's used items, such as underwear, utensils, towels, bath towels, potty, bath, syringes, etc.
4. As a sexually transmitted disease, various unclean sexual acts, such as prostitution and sputum, are the most important routes of infection for chlamydial infection.  When a healthy person has a sexual relationship with a patient, the simple chlamydia infection virus is transmitted to the other party due to the friction of the sexual organs.
5. Airborne infection: mainly refers to type I Chlamydia trachomatis infection virus, very terrible, it can be mixed in the saliva droplets of patients infected with chlamydia, suspended in the air, allowing normal people to inhale the respiratory tract, and then cause infection.
6. Maternal and child infection: If the pregnant woman is infected with Chlamydia virus, the chlamydial infection virus can enter the fetus through the placenta during childbirth, causing congenital infection of the fetus; it can also go up through the cervix, causing placental amnion, causing congenital infection of the fetus.
Although antibiotics can kill chlamydia more quickly, its side effects such as drug resistance are also of concern to patients, and it is prone to repeated and long-term unhealment.  The use of TCM formula is relatively safe. Although TCM treatment of chlamydia is slower than antibiotics, it can completely treat the disease from the whole, sterilization and anti-inflammation, and the therapeutic effect is comprehensive. 
Women can choose heat-clearing, spleen-dampness-and-blood-stasis removing formula TCM Fuyan Pill for treatment. It can eliminate pathogens, get rid of complications and prevent potential complications, such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis, etc., can completely cure the infection of chlamydia.

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