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Under What Circumstances Is It Easy for Chlamydia to Reproduce?

Chlamydia infection is a common disease in both men and women, normally, the prevalence of chlamydia infection in women is slightly higher than that in men. Chlamydia infection can cause great damage to male and female reproductive system, and is gradually brought to the attention of sexually active women. 

Chlamydia is a easily infected and repeated gynecological disease, but difficult to cure and detect. Many people even do not know it at the beginning, so it is always not paid attention to. Under what circumstances is it easy to cause infection and reproduction?
1. Unhygienic Sexual Life
It is the main cause of chlamydia infection, the etiology of Chlamydia infection is almost caused by sexual contact. Patients infected with chlamydia are the main source of infection, it spreads quickly and has a high infection rate, people usually have symptoms about 3 weeks after infection.
2. Traumatic Infection
Papillomavirus can get into the body through small ruptured wounds on the skin or mucosa. After incubation for several days, the bacteria multiply enough to cause incidence, and become the cause of chlamydia infection. Therefore, we should treat the ruptured wound cautiously.
3. Low Autoimmunity
It refers to the etiology of chlamydia infection caused by non-sexual contact. Contact with the secretions of chlamydia-infected patients or contaminated utensils, such as towels, foot basins, clothing and quilts, and even toilet rings can become the etiology of chlamydia infection.
4. Mother-to-child Transmission
Pregnant women with chlamydia infection, especially those with no obvious clinical symptoms and viral infection in the cervix, will have viruses in the reproductive tract. During childbirth, the fetus will pass through the birth canal, resulting in neonatal viral infection, causing chlamydia infection in the new born.
5. Bad habits like Smoking and Drinking
Smoking and drinking can reduce the body's immune function. It was found that smokers who smoked for more than ten years significantly increased the chance of recurrence of Chlamydia infection.
Chlamydia infection can be cured, but the specific treatment periods vary from individuals. The treatment of Chlamydia is usually divided into chemical medicine and natural medicine. Chemical medicine carries out anti-inflammatory drug treatment for pathogens. With the cooperation of biotechnology, it carries out accurate efficacy eliminating mycoplasma and other pathogens fundamentally. 
And natural herbal therapy aims at restoring the balance of vaginal flora. Nursing your health with Fuyan Pill, it can consolidate the curative effect, restore the balance of vaginal flora, eliminate the living environment of pathogens, and prevent recurrence.

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