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Does Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Affect the Fetus?

Normally, women's leucorrhea should be colorless and tasteless, and it looks like a mucous substance like egg white. After giving delivery, women's leucorrhea will show an increase, but there will be no abnormality.

If women have abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it often represents there may be some problems. Generally speaking, women's leucorrhea will be slightly different after delivery, which mainly shows in the amount of leucorrhea, but the color and smell are not very different from before. There is no need to worry because this is a normal physiological reaction. 
However, if there is vaginal discharge with abnormal odor and pruritus during pregnancy, women should not ignore it but should seek medical treatment in time.
Abnormal vaginal discharge in the early stage of pregnancy may affect fetal health, especially the condition caused by inflammation. There are many reasons for abnormal vaginal discharge, such as cervicitis, cervical erosion, Candida albicans infection, vaginal Trichomonas infection, Chlamydia infection, gonorrhea infection, and so on. 
Those diseases have a great influence on the fetus. It is necessary to see a doctor in time to make a definite diagnosis to treat symptoms. For example, Candida albicans infection may infect the fetus when the woman is giving birth, and oral ulcers may occur in the newborn. If women get chlamydia, it may cause infection to the baby's eyes through the vagina, causing eye damage.
Therefore, women must actively go to the hospital for a physical examination before getting pregnant. If there is a situation that may affect pregnancy, you need to tbe treated in time. 
Natural medicine Fuyan Pill can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear heat, and detoxification, effectively treat Chlamydia infection and gonorrhea infection and other diseases which causes abnormal vaginal discharge. Only after the disease has been cured can pregnancy and childbirth not be harmful to the fetus.

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