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Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes with Activated Carbon

Believe it or not, alternative medicine has been using activated carbon for centuries. Today, many of them have become famous again and become good medicine for common diseases and problems.
Cleaning the body is still the main use of this substance. However, due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and digestive properties, activated carbon is now used as the basis for other treatments.
There are a lot of far-infrared and negative ions in the activated carbon fiber. These two physical factors act on the physiological function of the body together, changing the proportion of ions in the tissue cells and body fluids and the content of trace element free; changing the structure of some substance molecules (such as protein molecules and water molecules); enhancing the circulation of blood and lymph; regulating the function of neuroendocrine.
In addition, it can enhance cellular and humoral immune functions, regulate the metabolism of substances, improve local or systemic resistance, diminish inflammation, swelling, analgesia, spasmolysis, desensitization, astringency, etc. Direct use of activated carbon can improve blood circulation in affected areas and significantly reduce swelling.
5 tbsp of activated carbon powder (50g), 4 cups of water (1L)

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