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Is Cupping a Good Treatment Option for Blocked Fallopian Tubes?
Cupping therapy is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine therapy with a long history. Through physical stimulation and negative pressure, cupping can artificially cause capillary rupture and congestion, mobilize the repair function of human stem cells, and the absorption function of necrotic blood cells, so as to achieve the effect of treating diseases and promoting rehabilitation.
The mechanism of treatment can be summarized as follows:
Due to the mechanical stimulation of cupping, local hemolysis occurs, and histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, and other substances are released immediately. Through neuroendocrine regulation, local and systemic stress reactions are caused, local blood flow is strengthened, systemic blood circulation is improved, and pelvic blood circulation of patients can be promoted. Therefore, to some extent, it can promote the elimination of inflammation, causing blocked fallopian tubes.
The second function of cupping is to regulate local circulation and improve metabolism. Cupping therapy can adjust microcirculation, promote local blood circulation, regulate metabolism, change local tissue nutrition, strengthen lymphoid circulation, activate phagocytic capacity of lymphocytes, enhance body resistance, so as to eliminate diseases and restore normal functions of all parts of the body.
In addition, limited bleeding in cupping therapy is a kind of benign stimulation, which can reflexively regulate the blood vessel movement to return to normal, promote the repair of pathological tissue, and ultimately improve the body's immunity, treat diseases, and health care.
However, the international medical community believes that there is no evidence that cupping therapy is beneficial to health. At present, there is no strict clinical evidence to support the therapeutic effect of cupping therapy, so it can only be used as an adjuvant treatment for blocked fallopian tubes.
In addition, conventional treatment is also necessary. Fuyan pill, a natural medicine, is made by Dr. Lee Xiaoping of Wuhan based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and more than 30 years of experience in medical practice, and it has a good effect on blocked fallopian tubes.


Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the whole deduction and systematic treatment and strives to regulate patients step by step, so as to achieve the effect of removing affected focus and preventing recurrences.
Dr. Lee believes that blocked fallopian tubes are mostly caused by inflammation, the female internal reproductive organs (cervix, fallopian tube, pelvic cavity, uterus) are adjacent to each other when one of them is inflamed and has not been treated in time, and effectively, the inflammation will spread to the fallopian tube, causing adhesion, blockage or even water accumulation, which will lead to the obstruction of the fallopian tube.
The formula of Fuyan Pill contains more than 50 traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as bupleurum, Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala, yam, peach kernel, safflower, angelica, liquorice, honeysuckle, etc., which can effectively kill various pathogens and eliminate inflammation; improve the blood microcirculation in the patient's reproductive system, eliminate the pathological changes of gynecological tissues, and also help the patient Improve immunity, so as to achieve the effect of getting a thorough cure.
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