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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Positive Mycoplasma in Females?

Mycoplasma is one of the simplest prokaryotes between viruses and bacteria. The primary pathogens of mycoplasma associated with urogenital diseases are Mycoplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis. Among them, mycoplasma positive is a high incidence of mycoplasma.

If mycoplasma positive is not treated early, it will lead to a series of lesions.
Generally, mycoplasma is more accessible for women to grow and survive in the female reproductive tract. It will first infect the female cervix and urethra, leading to cervicitis, urethritis and corresponding abnormal symptoms. The common complication is salpingitis, and a few patients will get pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis.
Female mycoplasma infection may lead to pathological changes in female reproductive organs, such as pelvic hydrops, hydrosalpinx, adhesions, blockage and other symptoms, resulting in infertility! In particular, mycoplasma infection may also lead to abortion that follows pregnancy. For example, An abortion of an unknown cause, especially repeated abortions, is usually caused by mycoplasma infection.
The harm of mycoplasma positive is indescribable pain for women, and a major channel of mycoplasma infection is sexual contact. Therefore, clean sex is an effective means to prevent mycoplasma infection.
Patients who have tested positive for mycoplasma should be treated promptly.
The treatment of female mycoplasma can adopt Western medicine antibiotics. Though antibiotics work quickly, they are challenging to use for a long time. Over time, mycoplasmas develop resistance to antibiotics, which can cause some side effects. According to the research, most patients have overused antibiotics. So, the use of antibiotics has a specific cure rate, but the choice should be made with caution.
Females who tested positive for mycoplasma can benefit from using traditional Chinese medicine. The reasons are as follows:
First, many heat-clearing and detoxifying natural herbs can be found in traditional Chinese medicinal materials, such as houttuynia cordata, wild chrysanthemum flower, and so on, which amount to broad-spectrum antibiotics in western medicine. They have strong sterilization ability and can kill the mycoplasma or mycoplasma hominis. 
Although they are slow to take effect, they will not make the bacteria develop resistance, and the side effect is small (Any pure herbs may carry some disadvantages when taken in large quantities, but such problems in traditional Chinese medicinal materials can be ignored most of the time). Natural herbs can be used for long terms with good effectiveness.
Second, when treating reproductive system inflammation caused by mycoplasma positive, traditional Chinese medicine is usually used combined with some blood circulation and stasis medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill.
Among the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions mentioned above, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used for curing male mycoplasma positive, and Fuyan Pill for female mycoplasma positive. They are tested effective and outstanding in traditional Chinese medicine and can stand the test of time and efficacy.
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