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True or False: Can Sexual Activity Continue with Gynecological Mycoplasma Infection as Long as Contraceptive Measures Are Taken?

Gynecological mycoplasma infection can lead to various inflammatory diseases in women, and mycoplasma can also be transmitted through sexual activity. Therefore, patients are often advised to abstain from sex while treating gynecological mycoplasma infections. So, if condoms are used during sexual activity and proper safety measures are taken, can sexual activity still occur with a gynecological mycoplasma infection? Let's take a look!


What are the dangers of having sexual activity after a gynecological mycoplasma infection?

When a woman is infected with gynecological mycoplasma, she may experience symptoms such as vulvar itching, increased vaginal discharge, and a feeling of heaviness in the vagina. There will be a large number of mycoplasmas in her vagina and cervix at this time. Engaging in sexual activity not only can worsen the woman's condition, leading to the spread of the infection and aggravating discomfort symptoms.

Moreover, frequent sexual activity can consume a lot of physical strength, leading to a decrease in immunity, making the condition even harder to control! Severe cases can lead to complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, salpingitis, and even female infertility. It is important to seek timely symptomatic treatment after diagnosis. For stubborn gynecological mycoplasma infections that are long-lasting and complex in cause, traditional Chinese medicine, such as Fuyan Pill, can be taken for symptomatic treatment.

Furthermore, engaging in sexual activity after a gynecological mycoplasma infection can also transmit the infection to men, causing them to contract mycoplasma and develop inflammation in the urinary and reproductive systems. If the gynecological mycoplasma infection is not cured, and the woman becomes pregnant, it can also be transmitted to the fetus through mother-to-child transmission, causing the fetus to be infected with mycoplasma!

Can sexual activity occur after a gynecological mycoplasma infection if condoms are used?

It is generally not recommended to have sexual activity with a mycoplasma infection, even with the use of condoms. During a mycoplasma infection, there is an increase in secretions. Although wearing condoms can prevent cross-infection, stimulation can easily cause congestion and edema of the vaginal mucosa, aggravating the symptoms of vaginitis. 

It may even cause an ascending infection to the cervix, leading to endometritis, and may increase the likelihood of pelvic inflammatory disease, exacerbating inflammation symptoms, and hindering recovery from the disease.

As is well known, the use of condoms during sexual activity can effectively prevent infection. The scientific use of condoms during sexual activity by those infected with gynecological mycoplasma can, to a certain extent, block the exchange of bodily fluids and reduce the probability of cross-infection of mycoplasma. 

However, condoms are not 100% effective, and if they break, mycoplasma transmission can still occur. Therefore, it is best for women not to have sexual activity during the treatment process of a gynecological mycoplasma infection to avoid accidents.

Moreover, mycoplasma can also be transmitted through indirect contact, such as using shared towels, bathtubs, toilets, or mixing clothes in the laundry, which can all potentially lead to mycoplasma transmission. Therefore, during the treatment period, it is important to follow the doctor's instructions, abstain from sexual activity, and take relevant nursing measures to avoid affecting the treatment.

In summary, it is not simply a matter of taking contraceptive measures; sexual activity should be prohibited before the cure of a gynecological mycoplasma infection. Women infected with gynecological mycoplasma must seek timely treatment, which can include the use of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Fuyan Pill, to not only clear the mycoplasma but also treat complications caused by the mycoplasma infection, restoring the health of the female reproductive system!

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