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Cure Endometrium Thicken Disease Radically



After years of research and development, Dr. Lee has successfully developed Fuyan Pill, which can cure endometrium thicken disease effectively. Fuyan Pill can promote blood circulation and dissolving stasis, stop pain and promote Qi, resolve hard lump, then cure endometrium thicken disease


What is thicken endometrim?


Endometrium is the mucosa that covers the uterine cavity. It engenders in the childhood. There is a periodic change of endometrium in menstrual cycle. The fade and drop of endometrium shapes the female’s menstruation. 


Women ovulate once in a menstrual cycle. If the egg is not gamic, there would be a menstruation. Menstrual cycle changes by ovarian hormone. If there is a disorder of ovarian hormone, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular and the endometrium becomes thicken. Normal thickness of endometrium is 0.2 - 1.0 cm. In menstrual period, the functional layer of the endometrium drops and only the basic layer remain. In the 6 - 14 days of menstrual cycle, the thickness can be mere 0.1- 0.3 cm, but in the other 15-28 days, it is 0.5 - 0.7 cm.


Cardinal symptom of endometrium thicken diseases can always behave as metrorrhagia and amenorrhea, although metrorrhagia occurs a lot more.


Functional metrorrhagia, however, described in the conception of traditional Chinese medicine, always result from the stasis and obstruction of blood. For some traditional Chinese medicines playing a role of dissolveing stasis, promoting blood circulation, stop bleeding, especially Fuyan Pill, can help to regulate the menstrual cycle.


What’s more, thicken endometrium is a disease might occur in the people almost every age phases and every period of a human life, such as puberty, generative phase, perimenopausal period and postmenopausal period. 


Inflammation can be one of the major causes of endometrium thicken disease. In this condition, irregular metrorrhagia with large volume of blood always happen. Some of the patients would have a persistent bleeding after amenorrhea and even last for a long time, some other would have a shorter or longer menstrual cycle within one months. Even if there occurs a hemorrhoea, that may lead to a shork among patients. 


endometrium thicken diseases also divided as simple hyperplasia, complicated thicken, thicken like a gland, and thicken like a tumor, as well as atypical cellular thicken. If the last two condition occurs, prompt treatment is necessary, because there exists a high possibility leading to cancer.


What’s more, patients with endometrium thicken disease often suffer PID, pelvic effusion and cervicitis at the same time. And all these diseases may behave as excessive vaginal fluid, yellow vaginal fluid or other symptoms, which indicates your thicken endometrium is infected with inflammation. While Fuyan Pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, and have a unique effect on curing thicken endometrium.


Representation of endometrium thicken disease


Simple hyperplasia

Simple hyperplasia reffers to the thickness of endometrium is 0.5 - 1.0 cm, and the surface is smooth and soft.


Complicated thicken

The most common type of hyperplasia on the endometrium. It always show a obviously increasing number of glands with different sizes and shapes. Several glands would be as big as balloons and the epithelial cells of the glands represent as pillar-shaped or a lack of secretion. Those cells form the pseudostratified tissues. Cell divisions occur frequently and the mesenchymal cells have a dense arrangement.


Thicken like a gland

This type of proliferation always behave as the cystic dilatation of an microglandular hyperplasia. It is seen that there are small holes in the thicken endometrium by naked eyes, so it is also called Swiss-cheese hyperplasia. Under the microscope, these hyperplastic tissues can be seen various shapes and sizes, small or big. All the glands are accompained with pseudostratified surface and a lack of secretion. There are plenty of interstitial cells and they have less Cytoplasm and thick nucleus.


Thicken like a tumor

 These numbers of glands are much bigger with a much more complicated structure   than the above ones. There are germ-like hyperplasia of glandular epithelium towards the inner cavity of glands or between the mesenchyma. The number of Mesenchyma are relative less. The epithelial cells of the glands represent pillar-shaped which form the pseudostratified tissues. Nucleus are empty like bubbles. Cell divisions occur frequently.


Typical cellular thicken

This kind of thicken endometrium include the tissue with the structure similar to tumos. The glands densely arrenged with irragular shapes and germ-like or ramose hyperplasia of glandular epithelium. The number of Mesenchyma are relative less and manifests atypia glands formed by these epithelial cells. In some cases, it is very difficult to tell whether it is a typical cellular cause a thicken endometrium or just result from differentiated adenocarcinoma. The main difference is on the infiltration of the mesenchyma. There is also an opinion that this thicken symptom is the lesion before an endometrial adenocarcinoma.


Why can Fuyan Pill cure endometrium thicken disease


In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of endometrium thicken disease is the obstruction of Qi and blood in pelvic cavity. Fuyan Pill has added Pangolin scales, peach kernel and safflower in its recipe, and these herbs can promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis and soften hardness tissues. By solving these problems, endometrium thicken disease is cured.


In the reports of clinical research, patients who have endometrium thicken disease are always sufer from PID, hydrosalpix, and other complications. It indicates that endometrium thicken disease are a sort of disease caused by inflammation. Honeysuckle and Lightyellow Sophora Root and other herbal medicines in the recipe of Fuyan Pill can kill almost all kinds of bacteria and virus. With some other elements that can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, in order to cure endometrium thicken disease in the end.


Medicines that can tonify spleen and clear away dampness to eliminate the radical cause of the symptom - obstruction of Qi and dampness in the pelvic cavity.


Fuyan Pill can kill all kinds of bacterial, eliminate inflammation, regular menstruation, makes endometrium grow in a normal way to cure the disease.



Miss. Lee  19 years old     2009/8   Student 


Miss Lee suffered a long-time menstrual period. During her menstrual period, the symptom behaves as the non-stop bleeding with a large volume. While in other days, the menstrual volume would reduce but still spot a little. About these symptoms, this lady had been suffered for continuous almost 6 years, which means that since her first menstruation, the bleeding symptom never ends.


In order to get a radical cure, Miss Lee has taken many treatment with western medicines. Under these therapies, although the menstruation seems to be normal for a period of time, it still recurs after the treatment. 


She also try a combination of both western and Chinese medicine, but it cannot make a difference. And after 2 years, Miss Lee was diagnosed with a endometrium thicken disease with the thickness of 2.9cm. 


Once Miss Lee got to Doc. Lee’s clinic and took Fuyan Pill under the instruction for a month, the period of menstruation became shorten to 20 days, and the thickness of the endometrium reduced to 2.7cm. In the 2nd month, her menstrual period got a futher shortening to 10 days. And it changed to 8 days in the 3rd month, 7 days in the 4th month and 5 days in the 5th month with a normal volume. The thickness of the endometrium is reduce to 1.3cm. Then, Miss Lee also insisted to keep on this treatment for another 3 months for a consolidation.


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