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How does Endometritis Occur?

Generally speaking, gynecological diseases are caused by bacteria infection. So, under what kind of circumstance will human body be infected by bacteria which can cause endometritis?

Based on the research, endometritis infection can be found in the menstrual period, abortion and post partum. For example, sexual intercourse in the menstrual period and long term endometrorrhagia would cause endometritis; incomplete abortion and remaining of placenta and caul would cause endometritis.

Moreover, antihygienic gynecologial examination, cervicitis, ascending infection of colpitis, endometrial polyp or dead muscular tumor, all of these can cause endometritis. The ordinary symptoms of endometritis include abnormity of leucorrhea, fever, abdomen pain and uterus pressing pain and etc.

Actually, on one hand, the symptoms of acute endometritis include quick pathological changes, bloody leucorrhea or stink, inexhaustible lochia. On the other hand, the main symptom of chronic endometritis include increasing of leucorrhea, if patient is old, he or she will have symptoms of limpid leucorrhea and bloody leucorrhea

"Fuyan Pill" can cure endometritis. The characteristics of "Fuyan Pill" are the powerful germicidal ability and capacity of clearing away heat and toxic material. Actually, "Fuyan Pill" can kill different kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens, then can achieve curative effects of clearing away heat and toxic material, purging intense heat, killing bacteria and diminishing inflammation drastically. Finally, endometritis can be cured.

Moreover, "Fuyan Pill" also has curative effects of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and relieve pain. That is to say, "Fuyan Pill" can cure some complications of endometritis, such as, abdomen pain, tumid waist, and hyperplasia, pathological changes of endometritis and abnormal size of uterus.

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