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Endometriosis and Its Treatment Options

What is endometriosis?


Endometriosis is a gynecological diseases in which cells from endometrium appear and flourish outside the uterine cavity. Like endometrial cells, endometrial-like cells in areas outside the uterus area also influenced by hormone and flourish. However, when endometrium shed and fall off the uterine and then expel outside the body, endometrial-like cells outside the uterine cannot be expelled. Thus the lesion of endometrium becomes bigger and bigger.


Endometriosis symtpoms


Endometriosis sufferers would develop pain with menses. As the lesion flourishes, pain can also occur without the menses and worsen with menstrual cycle.
Pain caused by endometriosis can also occur with sex, in the lower back, in rectal area, and even down the legs. A sense of their insides being pulled down may also develop with pain. Irregular menses is also a possible symptom on some sufferers.


How does endometriosis affect the fertility?


As endometriosis can lead to adhesions between tissues and organs at women's reproductive system, and the adhesion commonly occur between the uterus and the ovaries, ovaries cannot function well to produce eggs. Thus endometriosis can be a cause ( but not certain) of infertility. Generally, women with endometriosis have very low chance to conceive.
Pregnant women with endometriosis risk for miscarrage. This is because the lesion not only causes inflammation of the pelvic cavity, but also may oppress the uterine when it is big enough. 


Endometriosis prevention


Because endometriosis is affected by hormone, active use of combined oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of endometriosis. However oral contraceptives cannot be used for control the disease. If you have endometriosis and want to use oral contraceptives, go ask your physician before use it.


How to treat endometriosis?


Popular management for endometriosis is surgery and hormonal medication, even they are not the cure for it. In eastern countries, herbal remedies are used to treat endometriosis as well.


Surgery for endometriosis is with high risks. Because endometrial-like cells can flourish wherever it attaches, any cell or lesion left in the pelvic cavity in surgery may boom again after it. Meanwhile, because the adhesion caused by endometriosis can be vast inside the cavity, it can be rather difficult to separate the adhesions and organs. As the cause of endometriosis still remains unknown, sufferers who have had successful surgery may already get a completely cure. 

Hormonal medication
Several types of hormonal medication can control the condition and symptoms and even cure it. However, because all the hormonal medication are with many side effects, they are always not suggested by doctors. What's more, those who have long-term use of hormonal medication may develop hormone imbalance when the treatment ends and even be infertile permanently. Thus hormonal medication is always a suggested choice for those who's condition is still slight.

Herbal remedy
In eastern countries, herbal remedies are also the choice to treat endometriosis and can be wildly accepted by sufferers.
In the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, endometriosis causes are: weakness of Yin, gather of heat(fire) at lower abdomen, bad blood circulation and stasis around the uterine. According to these factors, doctors can compose remedy for treating them. By promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat and dampness, dissolving stasis, and dissipate hard lumps, endometrial lesion can be destroyed and absorbed, and then expelled outside the body. Endometriosis herbal treatment - Fuyan Pill is a patented herbal remedy to treat endometriosis which has been used for more than 10 years, and is proved can cure endometriosis within three to four courses.
As modern medical science is much more developed than Traditional Chinese Medicine, endometriosis herbal treatment is always the choice for those who have the disease recurred after surgery. However, for those who do not want to risk for the side effects of hormonal medication and undergo surgery, they are more willing to choose herbal remedy to treat endometriosis.

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