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Fuyan Pill to Treat Endometrial Hyperplasia

What is endometrial hyperplasia?

Endometrial hyperplasia may outbreak at any age bracket including adolescence, generative phase, menopausal period and peri-menopausal period. Endometrium is some kind of mucosa covering the uterine cavity, which grows in childhood, develops periodically in menstrual cycle, and at last falls off to form the menstrual flow. Women ovulate once in a menstrual cycle and have another menstrual cycle if have no impregnation. Menstrual cycle is regulated by ovarian hormone, whose irregularity will influence the menstrual cycle and change the endometrium in succession which is represented in endometrial thickening.


In clinical, patients with endometrial hyperplasia may also suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic seeper, which indicates that inflammation is the main cause of endometrial hyperplasia. The clinical manifestations are irregular abundant endometrorrhagia, constant haemorrhage after a long time be in menostasis, shortening of menstrual period and menostaxis, the haemorrhage period may lasts for a month, if worse, hemorrhagic shock may develop.

Different types of endometrial hyperplasia


Endometrial hyperplasia includes simple hyperplasia, complex hyperplasia, glandiform hyperplasia and atypical cellular hyperplasia, the last two of which may quite probably get worsened to cancer and needs active treatment.


Endometrium gets incrassated to 0.5 to 1cm with a smooth and soft surface:

Endometrial simple hyperplasia: Endometrial gland and interstitial substance are both get hyperplasied. The endometrial gland increases obviously with disuniform size and maldistribution. Occasionally, the gland enlarges to a sack, epithelial cells appear cylindrical, which lacks secreting and arranges in a ocular multicoat. Karyon division happens quite often and interstitial cells arrange compactly.


Endometrial cystic hyperplasia: It is featured with hyperplastic gland’s getting obvious cystic dilatation. In a typical case, dispersed ostiole can be seen in incrassate endometrium macroscopicalally, which is distinguished as Swiss-cheese hyperplasia. Microscopically, endometrial gland are in disuniform size ranging from as small as inchoate gland to ten times larger. All the glands which are covered with ocular multicoat and cubical epithelium, lack secreting. There are many interstitial cells with little kytoplasm.


Endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia: It is featured with glandular hyperplasia and compact arrangement, and with interstitial substance shortage. Patients with endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia have much less glands than those with the two kinds of diseases mentioned above, and with a much more complex structures. The glandular epithelium caves into the glandular cavity shaping like mamillary or slants to interstitial substance showing germinative hyperplasia. There is a little interstitial substance. The epithelial cells appear cylindrical with ocular multicoat, vesicular nucleus. Nucleus division happens frequentlywithout any obvious atypia.


Endometrial atypical hyperplasia: It has a similar organization structure to endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia with the glands closely ranked, showing irregularly shaped, branching shaped or germinative hyperplasia. Interstitial substance decreases obviously and epithelial cells show atypia with large karyon, bold karyotin and high-visible nucleolus, glandular epithelium multicoat, lost of polarity and frequency of nucleus division. It’s difficult to distinguish endometrial atypical hyperplasia from well-differentiated adenocarcinoma. The main differential point is that the former has no interstitial substance soakage. Some people hold that endometrial atypical hyperplasia is the preneoplastic change of endometrial adenocarcinoma.

TCM view on endometrial hyperplasia


Endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial glandular hyperplasia, Endometrial stromal hyperplasia, endometrial adenosis and endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia are regarded as precancerous lesions of endometrial adenocarcinoma. Traditional Chinese medicine consider these precancerous lesions as the results of stagnation of Qi and blood.


Fuyan Pill adds in pangolin, peach kernel, safflower, which can soften hard lumps and dispel nodes, and promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis.

The clinical observation of patients with endometrial hyperplasia shows usually they also suffer from pelvic inflammation and pelvic seeper, which indicates that endometrial hyperplasia is caused by inflammation. Fuyan Pill adds in honeysuckle, kuh-seng and other heat-clearing and detoxifying herbs which can kill the bacteria and viruses in 3 three months, and adds in blood circulation-invigorating and stasis-eliminating herbs which can cure endometrial hyperplasia.The main symptom of gynecologic inflammation is leukorrheal abnormal, which is always suffered from along with pelvic inflammation and pelvic seeper. Traditional Chinese medicine add in herbs for invigorating spleen to damp elimination to cure insufficiency of the spleen and heat and dampness obstruction in the pelvic cavity and abnormal vaginal fluid caused by that, and adds in herbs for invigorating blood circulation and eliminating stasis to cure endometrial hyperplasia.endometrial hyperplasia.


Functional endometrial hemorrhage is a main symptom of endometrial hyperplasia. Patients with functional endometrial hemorrhage suffer from irregular profuse abnormal endometrorrhagia, which represents in the shortening of menstrual cycle and the prolongation of menstrual period, The hemorrhage time may lasts for one month and patients may suffer from haemorrhagic shock. Traditional Chinese medicine holds the view that endometrial hyperplasia is the pathological change of gore, and the irregular and abnormal menses is because of obstruction of blood and bad blood circilation. Fuyan Pill adds in formulation of dissolving stasis and hemostasis to regulate the menstrual function and stanch, sterilize and diminish inflammation, and enable the endometrium to develop normally.


Medicine to treat endometrial hyperplasia


After years' observation and research, Li Xiaoping Chinese medicine clinic successfully devoloped Fuyan Pill and applied for the national patent (Patent No. : 200910064981.5) Fuyan Pill has curative effect in colpitis, cervicitis, salpingitis, salpingo oothecitis, pyosalpinx, pelvic inflammation, and is efficient in clearing away heat and toxic material, killing all kinds of bacteria, viruses and chlamydia in 3 months and treating endometrial hyperplasia. It can also invigorate the spleen to damp elimination, promote blood flow and activate Qi, and hyperplasia endometrii pathology. The major symptoms of gynecologic inflammation is leukorrheal abnormal and Fuyan Pill which adds in the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, plantago seed, steatite invigorate the spleen to damp elimination and cure heat and dampness obstruction in the pelvic cavity and abnormal vaginal fluid caused by that.

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