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How to Cure Endometritis?

Endometritis is a inflammation of endometrium which always recurs and causes miscarrage. There're various causes of this condition:


1 The inflammation of endometrium basal lamina can cause inflammation or infection of endometrium.

2 Menopausal women are at higher risk of vaginitis and endometritis.

3 Delivery or misbirth can cause chronic endometritis.

5 Fibroids and polpys can lead to endometritis. Very severe cervicitis can cause this condition as well.

6 Salpingitis or ovaritis can be one of the causes too.


For endometritis sufferers, they may develop symptoms including: excessive vaginal fluid, yellow discharge, or blood in discharge, irregular menses, pelvic pain and so on.


It is not difficult to found that endometrium inflammation is related to infections in most cases. Any infection occur in a woman's pelvic cavity can cause endometritis. As a result, to completely cure endometritis, the medicine must can kill pathogens as well.


Fuyan Pill as a herbal remedy for female reproductive infections and inflammations, is proved can cure endometritis in three months. By killing pathogens, treating the lesion, promoting blood and Qi circulation, the uterus can be kept in a healthy environment, in order to reduce the chance of recurrence.

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