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Endometriosis Herbal Treatment

Endometriosis is always managed by hormone or surgery. Is there any nonsurgical treatment for endometriosis? The answer is yes.


What is endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a medical condition that the type of tissue that normally lines the uterus grows elsewhere. In normal cases, endometrium covers on the inner surface of uterine, however, it can pathologically grow somewhere else like inside the uterus wall or outside the uterine. Endometrium sheds monthly in every menstrual cycle and is always expelled pass the vagina from the uterine, but the tissue grows elsewhere have no way out of the body and can keep growing.


How serious endometriosis is?
The lesion can cause inflammation of tissues around and result in lower abdominal pain. Fallopian tubes can be affected as well. If the lesion grows big enough, the ovary nearby can be shifted by the lesion and malfunction may occur. Even it is not sure that infertility occurs with endometriosis, it does affect women's fertility. Women with endometriosis always have lower chance to conceive than healthy women.


What are endometriosis symptoms?
Endometriosis sypmtoms varies on patients, symptoms including:
- pain with mense
- irregular menses
- infertility
- pain with sexual intercourses
- bulge feeling at anus
- urinary discomfort may occur on whose lesion grows near the bladder


What is endometriosis herbal treatment?
Fuyan pill treatment principle: clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation and dissipating hard lumps, tonifying spleen and clearing away dampness.
Characteristics of this endometriosis herbal treatment:
1. Herbs in Fuyan Pill's formula which can clear away heat and toxic materials, can kill all possible pathogen, including chlamydia, mycoplasma and so on, in three months.
2 Herbs to promote blood circulation and dissipate hard lumps can reduce pain, subside swelling and discomfort around anus area.
3 Some herbs in the formula can dissolve stasis and stop abnormal bleeding, in order to regulate the menses.
4 There're also some diuretic herbs in its prescription, in order to treat possible urinary discomfort like urgent or frequent urinating caused by endometriosis.


Successful cases:
Mrs. Dawson       England
Mrs. Dawson suffers from irregular menses for years. Sometimes the mense lasted for 10 days. There was always brownish blood-like discharge after the mense. Lower abdominal pain was with the irregular menses as well. Her diagnosis in local hospital was endometriosis and ureaplasma urealyticum infection.
After three months Fuyan Pill, ureaplasma. U test came out negative, each mense last 10 days, no more brownish discharge. After 5 months medication, there was no more endometriosis.


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