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Endometriosis Herbal Remedy - Fuyan Pill

Endometriosis is a medical condition which is always treated by surgeries. However in lots of cases, surgery is not proper for the patients. 

During a woman’s monthly cycle the hormone estrogen makes the endometrium thicken. Some of it is shed and leaves the body with menstrual blood during a period. Sometimes the menstrual blood can flow backwards through the fallopian tubes into the pelvic area. This is known as retrograde menstruation; it is not harmful and occurs in most menstruating women.2 In most women any stray pieces of endometrium in the menstrual blood are removed by the immune system. However, in women with endometriosis the pieces attach to the outer surface of nearby organs to become endometriotic lesions.
These endometriotic lesions are also stimulated by estrogen and can cause irritation and inflammation. Many women live with the burden of endometriosis; experiencing severe pain that can affect them both physically and emotionally in their everyday performance, activities, and personal relationships.
In eastern countries, endometriosis herbal treatment is the available treatment for endometriosis and has already been wildly accepted by patients.
It is recorded in ancient Chinese medical books that factors cause endometriosis are: bad blood circulation and stasis around the uterine, over heat in the lower abdomen. Doctors who study traditional Chinese medicine often compose therapy according to these factors. So, to promote blood circulation, clear away heat and dampness, dissolve stasis, and dissipate hard lumps is the key. Dr. Lee, who developed Fuyan Pill, is a specialist in urogenital system. Fuyan Pill is a patent herbal medicine, which is applied to treat gynecological diseases like endometriosis. In general, patients who take Fuyan Pill for three months can be cured.

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