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You should Recognize Endometriosis Timely

Endometriosis causes pelvic pain and infertility, but its impact on women could be reduced by early recognition of the symptoms of the disease, according to Dr Kirsten Black and Professor Ian Fraser of Sydney University and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

Writing in the August edition of Australian Prescriber the authors say that endometriosis is a complex condition that can affect women throughout their reproductive years and diagnosis may be difficult.

Endometriosis is the most common cause of chronic pelvic pain in women, and the authors say that delayed diagnosis of the disease - especially in adolescents - is the single biggest barrier to good treatment.

"Endometriosis can cause a wide range of symptoms such as pain, infertility, irregular periods, painful abdominal bloating and tiredness," write the authors.

These symptoms can be confused with those of other diseases like irritable bowel syndrome or pelvic inflammatory disease. The Australian Prescriber article provides details on symptoms which may be related to endometriosis and some of the medical treatment options.

"There are many treatment options for endometriosis. While painkillers are effective for some women, others will need hormonal treatments and sometimes surgery," they write.

"Over time as we gain a greater understanding of endometriosis new treatments will become available. The best approach involves both women and their doctors being aware of the disease and its possible symptoms." 

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