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What Is the Best Thickened Endometrium Treatment?

Thickened endometrium is a medical condition which features with excessive proliferation of the endometrial cells. In majority of cases endometrial hyperplasia is caused by elevated levels of estrogens and low levels of progesterone. This typically occurs in certain gynecological illnesses such as polycystic ovary syndrome, estrogen producing tumors and in case of estrogen replacement therapy. Endometrial hyperplasia must be taken seriously and treated properly and timely since it represents a risk factor for endometrial cancer.


Thickened endometrium or endometrial hyperplasia is actually a physiological response of the endometrium to estrogen. There are several subtypes of endometrial hyperplasia which are classified according to their pathohystological characteristics.


Simplex or complex endometrial hyperplasia represents irregularity and cystic expansion or budding of endometrial glands. There are no bothersome changes in the appearance of the glands.


What are the symptoms of thickened endometrium?


Endometrial hyperplasia may be asymptomatic or lead to several symptoms such as vaginal discharge, bleeding between menstrual cycles, heavy and/ or prolonged menstrual bleeding, and pelvic and / or abdominal pain.


What is the thickened endometrium treatment?


Treatment for thickened endometrium basically depends on the underlying cause and may be conservative or surgical. Most of the time simplex or complex hypertrophic endometrium without cellular atypical is treated with birth control pills or progesterone. Women who are in menopause, particularly those suffering from atypical endometrial hyperplasia are perfect candidates for hysterectomy, a surgical removal of the uterus. This is both, the treatment for endometrial hyperplasia and method of prevention against potential endometrial cancer.


The alternative thickened endometrium treatment is natural herbal medicine. Fuyan Pill can also cure thickened endometrium effectively. Fuyan Pill is herbal medicine, which contains herbs to promote blood and Qi circulation. As the formula of Fuyan Pill is strictly controlled, it's a very safe herbal remedy with no side effect. What’s more, it can treat relative disease such as endometriosis and cervicitis.

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