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Can Pregnancy Help to Get Rid of Endometriosis?

According to the new medical survey, women with endometriosis that are able to get pregnant, find that pregnancy improves endometriosis, sometimes even causing permanent relief of symptoms. Can pregnancy help to get rid of endometriosis? The answer is negative, but pregnancy can help to relief the endometriosis symptoms.


When endometriosis pregnancy does occur, pregnancy often slows down the progress of endometriosis and sometimes even cures it. However, according to when women with endometriosis delay childbearing until their 30's, they are often unable to get pregnant.


Unopposed estrogen, or estrogen dominance, is linked to the abnormal cell growth in the endometrium, in some cases even resulting in endometrium cancer. Surgical attempts to remove these cells have had mixed results, because some cells will be too small to see or remove and will simply grow back again. The safest and best way to prevent or slow down endometriosis is to use supplementary natural progesterone cream. Natural progesterone will slow down or halts the proliferation of endometrial cells.


Women with endometriosis pregnancy acquire considerable success with natural progesterone supplementation. This approach works very well since other medical treatments are not that successful and have complications and side effects.


Of course, pregnancy can’t help to get rid of endometriosis though it can relief the endometriosis symptoms.


What can help to eradicate endometriosis?


In addition to surgery, herbal medicine could be a better choice. Fuyan Pill is herbal medicine, which contains herbs to promote blood and Qi circulation, dissolve stasis and dissipate hard lumps. With the "guiding herbs" which can "guide" other herbs to work directly in the reproductive system, endometriosis symptoms can be cured thoroughly.

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