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How does Traditional Chinese Medicine Fuyan Pill Work on Endometriosis?

Endometriosis often occurs in 30~40 year-old female and is rarely seen in girls. Primary clinical symptoms are dysmenorrhea and non-menstrual pain which strengthen progressively year by year. In addition to dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain, dyspareunia, pelvic pain associated with pelvic mass and even infertility may occur in some patients. Patients mostly visit doctors and are diagnosed with disease due to dysmenorrhea or infertility, when some patients do pelvic examination, there will be pain when nodules of bilateral uterosacral ligaments, uterus rectum or posterior fornix are touched. While the situation of retroposition of uterus, poor activity or inactivity cystic mass may occur.
There is no endometriosis in the conception of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but according to patients’ manifested symptoms, it mostly belongs to the “dysmenorrhea”,“reeds”, "irregular menstruation", "infertility" and other illnesses in in the conception of TCM. The occurrence of such illnesses is because congestion block the uterus, resulting in disharmony of thoroughfare and conception vessels, and long-time siltation can also affect the function of internal organ and blood, and then reappear siltation and stagnation, gradually causing pathological changes of “Reeds”.

To treat endometriosis, the primary aim is reducing and eliminating pain; wiping out and eliminating focus; regulating menstruation and promoting fertility; reducing and avoiding recurrence. For endometriosis pathogenesis “congestion block uterus, disharmony of thoroughfare and conception vessels”, the treatment should be aiming at “promote blood circulation”, patients can take Fuyan Pill for treatment. According to the principle of “when there’s a Qi blockage, there’s pain”, Fuyan Pill alleviate and eliminate pain in patients with discomfort by the pill which can promote blood circulation and dredge stasis context in the process of treating endometriosis.

In addition, in the treatment of endometriosis, Fuyan Pill’s functions include not only promoting blood circulation, but also “detoxification and dehumidification” to patient’s dampness, for the patients with frequent urination, urinary tingling, urgent urination and other symptoms, also can use Fuyan Pill’s function “diuretic, treating stranguria and detoxification”; by “promote blood circulation”, with “detoxification dehumidification” and “diuretic, treating stranguria and detoxification” supplementing, and finally through the introduction of pangolin directly work on the focus and completely cure endometriosis.

What should be done for the prevention of endometriosis: reduce drastic exercise during menstruation, sex life is strictly prohibited during menstruation and be cautious in sexual intercourse if a small amount of bloody leucorrhea is found. In addition, avoid to have surgery, such as abortion, cervical surgery and cesarean surgery and so on to avoid that endometria planted in surgical wound or surgical incision.

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