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Severe Dysmenorrhea May Be Induced by Endometriosis

Dysmenorrhea is the main symptom of endometriosis. The experts say that endometriosis can induce dysmenorrhea. The feature of pain is that it is secondary and anabatic gradually, and it is always starting at 1 to 2 days before menses, getting worse at the first day of menstruation, and disappearing gradually after menstruation.

Endometrium is a tissue of great vitality. It can not only take root in uterus but also settle down the pelvic peritoneum, ovary, recto-vaginal septum and ureter.

We call the diseases induced by that the endometrium pass through the uterus as “endometriosis”.

In normal condition, the ovary will ovulate every month. After ovulation, there would be a ovulation hole in the ovary, namely, a crevasse. If the endometrium is just planted on the crevasse, with the action of estrogen, the endometrium planted on the ovary will grow and fall off every month. But these blood can not flow outside of our body. It would be detained in the ovary. The cyst would bleed and absorb repeatedly, forming a layer of envelope, in which the menstruation would be brown, just like chocolate. This is the so-called “chocolate cyst”. With the developing of disease, the cyst of some people would crack, inducing severe pain and adhesion of the surrounding of uterus. It would affect the women’s normal development.

In addition, the endometriosis can induce dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea always happen in the lower abdomen and bottom of waist. And it can also radiate to the vagina, anus and legs. A few patients would have a heaviness in the anus, and the degree of pain is not in direct proportion to the size of focus. The extensive endometriosis can only induce slight dysmenorrhea, but a small number of lesions can induce severe pain. According to statistics, about 15% to 20% of patients with endometriosis have no symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

When the symptoms are slight and no abnormality is found through clinic examination, expectant treatment is appropriate to use. The unique treatment is using some simple analgesic, relieving pain and promoting gestation. If pregnancy, it can be expected that the lesions fade away naturally. If the lesions are developing or the patient don’t get pregnancy in one year, we should give up the expectant treatment and use some more positive treatments.

If you want to take medication, we suggest you take some traditional Chinese medicine. Fuyan Pill is made up from multiple herbs, among which some herbs are highly powerful in killing bacteria, virus, and all the pathogen causing infections. With other herbs which can clear up "fire" and toxic materials, and herbs which can promote blood and Qi circulation. Proofed by clinical experiment, It has a very effect on treating endometriosis.

Because endometriosis can induce dysmenorrhea, if you have dysmenorrhea, you should check if you have acquired endometriosis and treat it as soon as possible.

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