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Would Endometritis Induce Infertility?

Endometritis would easily cause infertility. A sperm unites with an ovum to form a fertilized egg. The fertilized egg slips down into the uterine cavity, choosing a place of uterus for implantation. The uterus would supply nutritions and activity space for it. If the uterus is changed by inflammation, it would induce infertility.

Nowadays a lot of women have acquired endometritis. If you find out you have endometritis, don’t ignore it, and you should go to hospital to treat in time. Even though the inflammation seems not very bad, if you don’t treat it in time, it would induce a lot of problems. When the inflammation is not controlled soon, there would be some more influences to your genital organs, bring your life a lot of inconvenience. So what are the common causes of endometritis?

Ignoring hygiene in menses, having intercourse during the period, in one month after artificial abortion or during the puerperium, or having disordered sex bringing the pathogens our side of body or in the vagina and cervix into the uterine cavity are all the causes of endometritis.

The clinical manifestation of endometritis are including: acute onset; shaking chill, fever, quickening pulse; general weakness; sweating; pain in lower abdomen; swelling; soreness of waist; plenty of full-blooded, purulence or watery leucorrhea with bad smell. If you are infected after delivery, the color of lochia is like soil.

Then how to diagnose endometritis? According to the medical history and clinical manifestation, and symptoms, it is easy to diagnose it. When we do speculum examination, we should use the drainage of uterine cavity to do bacterial culture and drug sensitive test as far as possible.

Endometritis is one of the diseases of pelvic genital organs, which is a common disease of women. The acute endometritis can induce diffuse peritonitis, blood poisoning and septic shock.

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