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Can endometriosis be eliminated radically by laparoscopic surgery?

The morbidity of endometriosis is about 10%. It is a common gynecological disease in clinic. Endometriosis can bring about infertility, dysmenorrhea and some other diseases. As indicated by statistic data, 40% to 60% of women with dysmenorrhea are suffering from endometriosis. And about 20% to 30% of women who are infertile acquire this disease. So endometriosis is an important gynecological disease that influencing women’s health and happiness of their family. In this article, we will talk about the usual methods of treating endometriosis.


1. Medical Suppression: Hormonal treatment such as birth control pills containing estrogen and progesterone relieves symptoms in many patients. But this kind of therapy has a very evident disadvantage is that if they are used for over 6 months, it can cause decline in bone density. And once you stop to use it, the endometriosis is very likely to recur. 


2. Operative treatment. Surgery is the main treatment for treating endometriosis. Because we can clear the range and character of lesion under direct vision. It has a very good effect on relieving pain and promoting reproductive function during a short course of treatment. Especially for the severe patients who have a heavy adhesion, the drug therapy may not work soon. The surgeries can be divided into two groups: conservative surgery and radical surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a kind of conservative surgery. Through the laparoscopic examination, we can make a definite diagnosis, then, cut the infected part artificially. 


Surgery is one of the most effective methods to treat endometriosis, since all the endometrium will be removed from the affected areas. Because laparoscopy is the least invasive procedure, it is usually, the most used endometriosis surgery. It allows the surgeon to see if they had removed all the endometriosis or not. A laparotomy requires the patient to remain in the hospital and has a longer recovery period. The most extreme and serious cases will require a hysterectomy, which include the removal of all tumors or lumps and ovaries. The endometriosis has some probability to back according to the kind of the surgery. 


3. TCM therapy. Except for the two methods above, we can also use traditional Chinese medicine: Fuyan pill to treat endometriosis. This pill is made up of dozens of natural herbs originated from nature. It has a very good effect on promoting blood circulation and improving the function of immune system. It can eliminate the stasisofblood and poison in body, relieve the pain. It has no side effect and it can help to prevent the endometriosis after surgery.


In additional, pregnancy can prevent the endometriosis. But unfortunately, many patients with endometriosis have infertility problem. Should emphasize that keeping a good living habit is also very important for treating endometriosis. We should do more exercise to make us stronger and healthier.

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