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Is endometriosis hereditary and how to treat it?

 In recent days, many patients with endometriosis consult Dr.Lee that is endometriosis hereditary? The answer is yes. According to the researches of scientists in Iceland, they found that if a woman's sister has endometriosis, the risk of endometriosis of this woman would be five times of other normal people.


So what is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a common diseases of women. It is induced by the poor circulation of menstrual blood. Some pieces of endometrium would flow back into some other tissues through Fallopian tube. Even though these pieces are falling off, they have not lost their vitality, therefore, the ectopic endometrium would set the roots of the other tissues and grow. They are also under the control of endocrine, growing, falling and bleeding periodically. Because the blood can not find the way out of the body, it would accumulate on the local scale little by little, forming endometrial nodules or a cyst.
Endometriosis is associated with heredity, immunity and some other aspects of our body. Among them, heredity has the most greatest impact on endometriosis. Hereditary factor account for half of all the pathogenesis. If your mother or one of other elders, such as your aunt,  has endometriosis, your risk of endometriosis would be 30 times higher than people who do not have this situation. In addition, there is also a very funny character of endometriosis that if one of identical twins has endometriosis, the risk of acquiring endometriosis of the other one is 80%.
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