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Answers for Three frequent asked asymptomatic Endometrial thickening questions

 "Why I have endometrial thickening but cannot experience any symptoms?" many asymptomatic endometrial thickening patients asked themselves thousand times. Now, Dr. Lee, an expert on treating reproductive diseases, will answer three mostly asked questions for us.


What is asymptomatic endometrial thickening?
It is a disease that has its endometrium more than 5mm but without vaginal bleeding. This type of disease commonly happens on menopause and perimenopausal women. It is abnormal when endometrium is less than 4mm. According to the report published by national health center, around 15% asymptomatic endometrial thickening patients have this disease changed into cancer, because it is asymptomatic and so hard to notice. Therefore, this disease should be treated prudently.
Is vaginal bleeding the only symptom of Endometrial thickening?
Actually this opinion is wrong. The symptoms of Endometrial thickening also include irregular period, extended menses, and heavy menses. However, women commonly assume these symptoms are normal and ignoring them, so women also need to pay attention to leucorrhea except vaginal bleeding.
Does Endometrial thickening need treatment?
That depends on age and severe degree. If menopause women have their endometrium less than 5 mm. it is no need to cure because it is normal. While if reproductive women have this disease, treatment is necessary because the implantation and growth of fertilized egg can be affected by it.
Generally speaking, once women have endometrial thickening and also have bacteria in their leucorrhea, it very possibly is caused by bacterial infection. As for Reproductive women, once it is diagnosed, timely treatment is necessary. They can choose herbal treatment - fuyan pill which has excellent effect on bacterial diseases. What's more, this pill also can improving environment of uterus by eliminating stasis and lumps.
From the above three questions, there is no doubt that everyone knows what Endometrial thickening is, so there is no need to worry about this disease because it can be cured thoroughly with proper treatment. 

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