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What are the surgeries for endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a disease that the lining of uterus grows outside of uterus. The ectopic endometrium can be implanted into other organs, such as bladder, muscular layer of uterus and even the nose. 


The serious endometriosis would induce infertility and some other diseases. If you have child-bearing demands, you should treat endometriosis immediately. Many patients would think that endometriosis is very difficult to treat radically because it is quite easy for this disease to recur. If your symptoms are very serious, taking medicine to treat this kind of disease may be not effective. So this article is mainly about the surgery treatment of endometriosis. 
The surgeries of treating endometriosis can be divided into three categories. 
Conservative surgery: this surgery can preserve the reproductive function. So that it is suitable for young patients who want to have babies. If it is possible, we would preserve ovary or part of ovary, Fallopian tube, and uterus. The doctors would cut the lesions which can be seemed by naked eyes. 
Half-conservative surgery: this surgery would preserve the function of ovary. If the patients have serious symptoms and the drug treatment is invalid, through this surgery the doctors would cut uterus and the ectopic lesions in the pelvic cavity, and unilateral or bilateral uterine tissue. But this surgery would also preserve the endocrine function of ovary. 
Radical surgery: this kind of surgery is aimed to the patients over 45. If the lesions are extensive and serious, and the drug treatment is invalid, we can take this measure. This surgery would cut the whole uterus, bilateral ovaries and ectopic endometrium in the pelvic cavity in order to treat endometriosis radically. Because the ovaries are cut off, the secretion of hormone would be stopped, and the residual lesions would atrophy gradually. Then you would be cured completely.
You should do a detailed inspection and then decide which kind of surgery you should choose. Because almost all kinds of surgery would have some side-effects, we recommend that you should take drug treatment before. Fuyan pill is kind of Chinese herbal medicine which has a very good effect on treating endometriosis. And because it is purely made from herbs in the nature, it would have no side-effects at all. Proved by thousands of patients, it really has a very good effect on treating endometriosis. 

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