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If you have the signs of endometriosis, don't ignore it

With the increasing of the living and working pressure, the risk of endometriosis is much higher than before. The women who acquire endometriosis would suffer from heavy pelvic pain and infertility. For preventing further damage, we should detect it before deterioration. So that we should know what are the early signs and symptoms of endometriosis. This article is mainly teaching you how to diagnose endometriosis in the early stage by yourself. 


There are common symptoms of endometriosis:


Pelvic pain. Pelvic pain is the most common symptoms of patients with endometriosis. It includes the dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain and painful sexual intercourse. And the pain would range from mild to severe for different people. But there is no relationship between the severity of endometriosis and the level of pain. So many people would experience no pain when they have a serious endometriosis. Therefore, the pain degree is not a accurate index to diagnose endometriosis. 


Difficulty of urination. If you always think of urinating while you can't urinate, you should be alert of endometriosis. Because the ectopic endometrium would affect the urinary system, it would make it very difficult for you to urinate. 


Disordered menstruation. The ectopic endometriosis would accumulate in some part of your body. And because it would react to the hormone, it would break the regular menstrual cycle and induce disordered menstruation.


Intestinal symptoms. The ectopic endometrium is located around the rectum. In the menstrual period, due to the congestion and swelling, the rectum would be stimulated and induce diarrhea. If the lesion invades the wall of rectum, intestinal obstruction would be induced. In a few of patients, if the lesion is deeply invade the intestinal wall, reaching the muscle layer, they would have blood in the stool periodically. 


Infertility. Endometriosis is always accompanied with infertility. And with the increasing risk of endometriosis, it has become an important reason of infertility. 


Some other symptoms of other parts. If the endometrium is planted in the other parts of our body, it would induce some complications in the position. For example, if the lesion is happening in the lung, it would induce pneumothorax, or even hemoptysis, difficult breathing and chest pain. 


If you have the symptoms listed above, you should go to check in the hospital immediately.  Fuyan pill is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which has a very good effect on promoting blood circulation and diminishing inflammation. This kind of medicine is made of dozens of herbs originated from nature. It can treat your disease without any side-effects.

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