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Self-care measures of endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease of women. It can often cause women dysmenorrheal, irregular menstruation and so on, and disrupt the normal menstrual cycles of women. However, Wuhan Dr.lee point out that sometimes, the endometriosis can be avoided by self-care. So here, I will summarize the self-care measures about endometriosis. 

The self-care measures of endometriosis
1. The Shiatsu acupressure therapy. This measure can relieve the pains in your body. There are two points you need to be paid attention, one is the point inside of the leg and at the top of the ankle bone, and another is at the bottom between thumb and index finger. When you take this way to treat it, you should try to press hardly before they play with the effect.
2. Hot compress or drinks hot. When you stay at home, you need to lie with superheated steam or hot water bag deposited abdomen or back. In this way, you can reduce the discomfort of endometriosis. You can also drink hot water if the hot compress is useless, or use a cold compress, and the ice pack can be placed directly into the abdominal area. 
3. Exercise. Taking exercise can also reduce the pain caused by endometriosis. Besides, the amount of estrogen can be reduced and the endometriosis may slow down by this activity. Movement also promotes the production of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. You’d take the moderate exercise, such as walking, because if you have excessive activities, the healing and scar tissue would hard to be recovered.
4. Caffeine in-taking. As soft drinks, tea, coffee may seem to aggravate the pain on women’s body, the doctor then recommend women to avoid caffeine. Eating fish contains n-3 fatty acid, n-3 fatty acid is a kind of material which can inhibit the creation of prostaglandins, it is a natural anti-prostaglandin medicine for all the people. 
In addition, endometriosis patients also can be appropriate to add nutrients, such as vitamins as well as the food contains calcium and magnesium. All of these are do good to the endometriosis. Dr.lee remind the majority of female friends, we must pay attention to the details in life, try to avoid the intercourse during menstruation. In the end, I wish all the endometriosis patients a speedy recovery!

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