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To treat endometriosis, hysterectomy is not the only way

Endometriosis is a highly recurrent disease, so people use to choose the surgery. But when you have surgery, if you only cut off the lesions and keep the uterus and adnexa, then five years later, the recurrence rate will almost 50%. If you’re remove the uterus, then the chance of recurrence will drop at about 9% or 8%. And if you cut all the uterus and adnexa off, the recurrence rate can be only 0.1%. 

At that time, Wuhan Dr.lee want to tell you that surgery is not the only way. Besides all kinds of surgery, traditional Chinese medicine therapy such as Fuyan pill is also a good way. 

As we all know, hysterectomy’s negative impact on the woman's endocrine is relatively large. In terms of life quality, which one is the most appropriate choice? How to choose the most appropriate way? 


Hysterectomy to endometriosis 


Experts say that to the patient with endometriosis, if they choose to take surgery, then they should take two factors into consideration: the extent of the lesion and the age of the patient. 

For the women below 45 years of age, we do not advocate the uterus operation. Though the surgery takes away the lesions of endometriosis and prevents its recurrence, but after that, your body has to rely on ovarian function for nearly 10 years. Or if lack of endocrine, you may enter menopause earlier than common people. But if she is after 45 years of age, the uterus operation is considerable. This is because at that time, the function of ovarian is relatively weak, so the hysterectomy would be more favorable to your health.

Also, taking the hysterectomy, one should combine with whether she has a baby. For women without child, hysterectomy is cruel. Because once her uterus is removed, she then cannot have a baby any more. And for the women that already have children, we then need to take the lesions and age into consideration.


TCM Fuyan pills to endometriosis


In Chinese medicine, there haven’t a disease called endometriosis, but according to the clinical symptoms, we can classify it into the category of dysmenorrhea and infertility. The modern medical scientists generally believe that stasis is the fundamental pathogenesis of this disease, so they concentrate on promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis to treat this disease. In recent years, wuhan Dr.lee based on years of clinical practice and modern medical knowledge, create the Fuyan pills. She holds the view that endometriosis pathogenesis is the stasis, and the damp-hot accumulates into toxin accumulating in uterus, so the disease comes into being. 

The formula of fuyan pill own walnut and safflower, which can promote blood circulation and relieve pain, it can work with the effect of anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The antipyretic and antidote medicines in it have the effect of function of antibiotics, anti-inflammation, along with pangolin, and then it can make a way to the blood. 

In short, except hysterectomy, Fuyan pill can also be a thinkable choice for you to treat endometriosis.

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