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Whether the sex life should be banned when one infected with endometritis?

 It is known to some of us that when the inflammation develop to the severe stage, the myometrium then can be affected, and finally it may developed into the myometritis. It is an extension of endometritis. In fact, endometritis can be divided into acute one and chronic one. 

The causes of acute endometritis
The main causes of acute endometritis are abortion, puerperal infection and some surgeries like placing contraceptive device in uterine cavity, cervical dilation and diagnostic curettage and so on. Sometimes, the ascending infection of sexually transmitted diseases can also cause the acute endometritis. In addition, endometrial polyps, submucosal myoma of uterus are also the causes.
The causes of chronic endometritis
The basic causes of chronic endometritis are similar to the acute one. But the lesions are only limited in the mucosa and organized of cervical canal. Cervical canal can be smooth, but some purulent secretions may clog in the cervix, or sometimes the mucosal hyperplasia would appear. At that time, we can see redness or congestion in the cervix. 
The symptoms of endometritis
When one get the acute endometritis, the symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge increasing will appear. Sometimes, it is also accompanied with bloody stench, uterus slightly large than usual or even uterine tenderness. While the chronic one’s performance is basically the same with the acute. It may also present menorrhagia, lower abdominal pain and abdominal distension.
Whether the sex life should be banned?
The acute one should try to avoid sex life, because it will lead to a further spread of inflammation. At the same time, with an increasing vaginal discharge, abdominal pain and so on, woman’s sexual interest will fall down or even feel boring with it. Even if the inflammation is controlled, the sexual life also needs to be controlled to prevent the relapse when pelvic congestion or resistance decline.
For the chronic one, as the usually show the low back pain, vaginal discharge increasing, abdominal pain, the sexual life can make those symptoms intensified, so their sexual life should not be too frequent. Or even if have the reluctantly intercourse, they may neither pleasure nor orgasm. And after that, the pelvic congestion can aggravate the symptom’s reappearance. So once you have sexual life, you should timely excrete the vaginal secretions and semen or use condoms to prevent further activities of bacterial proliferation. And in order to reduce recurrence rate, the couple should better take the missionary position. 
How to treat it?
Fuyan Pill, as a herbal remedy for female reproductive infections and inflammations, is proved to cure the endometritis in three months. By treating lesions, killing pathogens, promoting blood circulation, the uterus can be kept in a healthy environment. It can go without side effect and give back a healthy body to you eventually.

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