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Will the endometriosis affect your sex life?

Endometriosis sex life affects you? Endometriosis, in many of the female body would appear, endometriosis patients should pay attention to regular inspection. Because, predisposing factors endometriosis much, so some of the issues preventing relapse, the patient must have some understanding. So, endometriosis sex life affects you? The following analysis together now!

Dr.lee explained that when one got endometriosis, she usually appears the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, infertility, or some symptoms in intestinal tract and urinary tract. Sometimes, she will also have the painful sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia usually caused by endometriosis. And when the diseases range in the uterine rectal, uterosacral ligament, rectovaginal septum and so on, dyspareunia would appear.
The pain can be increased with the number and amplitude of sexual intercourse. It is also can be aggravated and sometimes will become unbearable. The severity of the pain is related to the specific parts and lesion size of endometriosis. You can image that if you can not have the properly enjoy each time when you have sex, and disturbed by severe pain, nervousness, abdominal discomfort and so on, then you may feel much discomfort. And the harm on your body will be huge.
From above, we can see that endometriosis really has big influence on the patient's sex life. So how to treat the endometriosis and eliminate pain becomes urgency for the patients. Currently, there are many methods to cure it, such as medicine or surgery therapy. People used to choose the Chinese medicine without side effect. In china, fuyan pill is such kind of medicine. 
The Chinese medicine Fuyan pill is invented by Dr.lee, it not only with the feature of non-toxic side effects, but also has the function of anti-inflammatory and sterilization. Besides, it can eliminate the inflammation of uterus or pelvic diseases, and reduce the chance of endometriosis. Also, the Fuyan pill can promote the blood circulation, improve woman's bodily functions, and reconcile blood in our body. Therefore, it can finally reach the goal of regulating menstruation.
Dr.lee also advises that patients with endometriosis should try to avoid the stimulation of extreme cold or heat, and avoid annoyance or anger. In addition, their spirit should not be too nervous. For an emergency, if the pain is unbearable, you can choose some home remedy to cure it. 

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