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The relationship between endometriosis and exercise
Is there any relationship between exercise and endometriosis? What’s that? For these questions, there are two distinct viewpoints on the internet: exercise can help to prevent endometriosis, and exercise may lead to the occurrence of this disease. Then this may confuse many people, which statement is true? In this article, Dr. Lee Xiaoping, an expert who specializes in gynopathy treatment, will give a detailed answer.
Can exercise prevent endometriosis? 
As regards whether exercise can effectively play the role of disease prevention, Dr. Lee sais the answer is yes. Sports can help improve the immune system and capacity for resistance. And for endometriosis, the white blood cells, especially the phagocyte, is active in campaigners. They engulf the traveling menstrual blood and endometrial tissue, thus greatly reducing the risk of the illness. In addition, reasonable exercise can increase the concentration of androgen in human body. This also do great benefit to prevent endometriosis.
To be helpful for endometriosis prevention, how long and when should exercise be done? 
To have reasonable exercise, it is necessary to know the time for exercise. According to a survey, women who exercise more than two hours per week run a much smaller risk of developing endometriosis. 
Moreover, when exercise is done is also important. Women should keep in mind that too intense movement is forbidden during menstrual period. During menstruation, the endometrium falls off. As too intense movement can lead to menstrual blood reflux, it may result in ectopic endometrium. And that is why there are reports about why movement may cause endometriosis. Therefore, to decrease the onset of the disease, women should avoid excessive exercise at this time. 
The recommend treatment: traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill
Exercise contributes to the endometriosis prevention. However, it can not completely avoid the onset of the illness. Once suffering endometriosis, patients should receive timely treatment. And for this, patent medicine fuyan pill is recommended.
Fuyan pill can directly work on the leisure, effectively eliminating various disease symptoms and repairing the internal environment. As it improves the environment that may induce endometriosis, and includes some herbs that can enhance the immunity, it can effectively prevent the disease relapse. So far, fuyan pill has pulled many women out of endometriosis. Being natural and effective, fuyan pill is accepted by more and more endometriosis patients.


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