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TCM treats endometrial hyperplasia without affecting fertility

 Endometrial hyperplasia, with a certain tendency to become cancerous, brings a lot of adverse effects to patients. And one of the most severe complications of this disease is female infertility. Therefore, once suffering endometrial hyperplasia, patients should adopt appropriate treatment.

Clinically, there are many treatment options for endometrial hyperplasia: ovulation induction drugs, progesterone, curettage treatment and so on. However, though they have certain curative effects that affect the female fertility to some degree.
Ovulation induction drugs promote the ovulation of eggs, increasing incidences of multiple births; long-term use of progesterone can result in endocrine disorders, making the condition worse; and curettage direct damages the uterus, affecting fertility.
To treat endometrial hyperplasia without affecting the fertility, more and more patients tend to choose a more conservative treatment - traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Compared to these western medicine treatments, TCM has unique advantages.
The main symptoms of endometrial hyperplasia are irregular menstruation, abnormal uterine bleeding and vaginal discharge. In TCM, the disease belongs to the categories of "prolonged menstruation, menorrhagia and uterine bleeding". According to TCM, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and menorrhagia are commonly caused by heat and dampness in the lower energizer, sluggish blood circulation and qi deficiency. As for the abnormal vaginal discharge, it is usually associated with inflammation. 
Therefore, to treat endometrial hyperplasia, functions like clearing away heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation, nourishing qi and eliminating inflammation are required. To reach these effects, patients can take a patented medicine - fuyan pill.
According to the principles of TCM treatment, fuyan pill is reasonably combined with more than 50 herbs. For example, herbs like ngelica, peach kernel and safflower are commonly used to promote blood circulation; honeysuckle and radix scutellariae are mainly used to clearing away heat and toxic materials; herbs that can enhance the immunity are applied into fuyan pill, making it possible for fuyan pill to prevent the recurrent endometrial hyperplasia. 
This pill both treats the symptoms and eliminates the lesions, effective curing endometrial hyperplasia and preventing its relapse. In addition, as fuyan pill is made from pure herbs, it is safe and harmless. The herbal medicine won't affect the fertility of patients.
Treating endometrial hyperplasia with TCM can minimize the injuries to patients. It won't bring any adverse effects. On the contrary, TCM can do benefit to females. Therefore, for patients with endometrial hyperplasia, TCM is a good choice.

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