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Can Urocystitis cause endometriosis?

 As a common infection of urinary system, females are likely to have urocystitis and it is relevant to the females' physiological structure. It is easy for females to have this disease while gynecological diseases are likely to happen on females. Therefore, many women think by mistakenly urocystitis can cause all gynecological diseases like endometriosis.

In order to know why urocystitis can't lead to endometriosis, the complications of urocystitis are the first thing we need to know.
The qualitative change of bladder
It is common for urocystitis to be infected by fester bacterium, and the main cause is urethral dysfunction, which is caused by nervous system diseases. Therefore, it is apt to have the symptoms of mucous membrane like hyperemia and edema.
It is another disease that urocystitis may cause. If patients had have tuberculosis, and they have the symptom of urinary irritation, it is probably to lead to tuberculosis.
Urocystitis can cause kidney necrosis, which is the main reason to cause uremia. Due to urocystitis, the capacity of bladder is decreasing that makes piss flow back to ureter, which lead to kidney edema and infection.
From this we can know, endometriosis doesn't include in those complications. Therefore, urocystitis cannot cause endometriosis directly. However, because GUS genitourinary system is linked together, it is possible to cause endometriosis if urocystitis cannot be cured for a long time.
All in all, both urocystitis and endometriosis can bring a huge damage for females. In the view of patients, it is suggested to take the Chinese herbal medicine as the treatment because of its effectiveness and no side effects. For example, patients with urocystitis can take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill and fuyan pill are suitable for endometriosis. Because of the significant effect, they have been accepted by more and more people
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