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Could high estrogen levels lead to endometriosis?
 In men and premenopausal women, too much estrogen is a condition called estrogen dominance, which causes toxic fat gain, water retention, bloating, and a host of other health and wellness issues. In women, with stress and age, there is a natural decline in testosterone and progesterone levels, leaving a relative excess of estrogen. There are many negative effects of high estrogen that can affect both the mind and body. It can also result in mood swings, memory loss, anxiety, and depression. What’s worse, high estrogen level could also cause many gynecological diseases. There is increasing number of people who are worrying about whether high estrogen levels could lead to endometriosis.
To find out the right answer, we should make clear what lead to estrogen rise in women. Below are the conditions that estrogen would increase:
During puberty, it's normal for levels of estrogen to rise. That’s because this hormone fuels changes in a young girl's body. For example, it plays a role in the development of breasts, a more mature curved figure, fuller hips, and pubic and underarm hair.
In addition, high levels of estrogen are seen in women who are extremely overweight. Levels are also high in women who have high blood pressure or diabetes. Estrogen levels rise during a healthy pregnancy, and increased estrogen levels may be seen with tumors of the ovaries, testes, or adrenal glands.
Some drugs, such as steroid medications, ampicillin, estrogen-containing drugs, phenothiazine’s, and tetracycline’s can increase.
The causes of high estrogen level seem has nothing to do with endometriosis. However, high estrogen levels put women at risk for endometrial cancer. A woman's hormone balance plays a part in the development of most endometrial cancers. Many of the risk factors for endometrial cancer affect estrogen levels. A shift in the balance of these hormones toward more estrogen increases a woman's risk for developing endometrial cancer. If you are a premenopausal woman with high estrogen level, you may easily to get gallstones, varicose veins, uterine fibroids, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, or ovarian cysts. In a word, high estrogen level could not only lead to endometriosis, but also could lead to endometrial cancer.
So if you find your estrogen is in high level, you should go to the hospital to get the treatment immediately. Once you found you have gotten infected with endometriosis, in order to avoid endometriosis cause endometrial cancer, you should get the treatment immediately. You could try an herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which could eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat, and promote blood circulation, so that it would cure endometriosis completely.

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