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Can Stress Cause Uterine Hyperplasia?

Unlike women in the past, now more and more women have won great achievement both on job and family, they have to play a role of good mother or wife at home and good employee in office, which cause them lots of stress. There is a rumor that too much stress would make women got gynopathy such as uterine hyperplasia. So is it true that stress can cause uterine hyperplasia?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, too much stress do have a bad effect on female’s uterine.


Endometrium changes according to the variation of ovarian hormone’s periodic secretion during the whole time of menstruation, which means menoxenia can have a big influence on endometrium. However having too much stress can lead menstruation irregular, as menoxenia is one of the reason of uterine hyperplasia which makes it’s true that stress can cause uterine hyperplasia. Once women find the problem with their uterine, they might become more anxious which makes the condition worse. Actually women shouldn’t be so worried as such disease is curable, patients can eat medicine such as fuyan pill or go to hospital for help.


Since the stress can have such a bad consequence, in our daily life, how do women relieve stress to protect themselves?


First of all women should deal with the relationship of job and family. Family always comes first, try to spread some time to play with your kids, go to have a travel or enjoy a movie. Women should know the fact that on one except themselves could make them happy.


Second, try to do some exercise, such as playing ping-pang, football or baseball and so on. Some may say they don’t have much time for that, then they can just spend half or one hour walking in the park after dinner or dancing in the square.


Third, find someone to talk, which is said to be one of the best ways to relieve stress. If you have some trouble, try to talk to others, maybe you could find a solution from them, even you can’t solve the problem, having someone to talk may also do lots of help.


Forth, go out for a trip. Pack your bag, close your cellphone, find a little town, give yourself one or two day’s leave, forget your job as well as your family, try to live for yourself once.


So in our daily life, women should always keep an optimistic view, try to be good to yourself. Don’t be panic if you get sick, you should have the medicine such as fuyan pill or do operate as soon as possible.

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