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The Most Effective Cure for Endometriosis

Reproductive and urinary systems are essential in the human anatomy. However, they are delicate and vulnerable to bacteria and other pathogens that cause infections. One of the diseases that affect female reproductive organs is endometriosis. The disease is infective and occurs in the womb. The primary pathogens that cause the disease are Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus, gonococcus, mycoplasma and streptococcus anaerobe.

Types of Endometriosis

The disease exists in two states: acute and chronic endometriosis. The two types of the disease are interrelated. Acute endometritis results from contraceptive devices in the womb, abortion, the presence of childbed with bacteria that can cause infections and cervical dilatation. The principal signs of the acute disease are somaesthesia, sanguineous vaginal fluid, and sharp pains in the lower abdomen. Also, other symptoms include watery vaginal fluid, fast pulse beat, pyoid vaginal fluid, and smelly vaginal fluid.

Acute endometriosis may eventually result in infertility resulting from salpingitis and myometritis. On the other hand, chronic endometritis results from long-term salpingitis or acute endometritis together with serious cervicitis. In some cases, residual placenta in the womb after abortion or delivery may cause the chronic disease. Chronic inflammation of the uterus may also result from polypus of the uterine mucosa. The primarysymptoms of chronic endometritis are similar to those of acute endometritis. The only additional symptoms include metrorrhagia, irregular menses and dysmenorrhea.


Endometriosis affects mainly fertile women because it is hormone-dependent. Nonetheless, this disease is curable with the fuyan pill. The primary symptoms include:


Infertility is the first symptom, and it arises from adhesion and tubal blockage that is caused by the disease. Nevertheless, fuyan pill dissipates these hard lumps, adhesions and clear all tubal blockages.

Painful menses

Painful menses is the second symptom of endometriosis and is significantly common. In a majority cases, the pain is severe immediately before and after menses. Fuyan pill can solve this problem since its components relieve pain within a week of taking the herbal medicine.

Painful intercourse 

Experiencing pain during intercourse occurs when ectopic endometrium tissues on the vagina, rectum or make ovaries stick with the pelvic cavity. Severe pain results in UTI symptoms. But, Fuyan Pill can promote the circulation of blood in the affected regions thus release the pain and dissolve stasis.

Irregular menses

The fourth symptom of endometriosis is irregular menses. However, the fuyan pill can regulate menstruation thus the problem is eliminated.

Physical Tests

Bumps in the upper boundary of the pubis signify that the patient has serious chronic endometriosis. Also, the patient experiences pain when pressing added to the thickening of the tissues around the womb. The disease causes an increase in bacteria and toxic material in the uterine cavity. Furthermore, the inflammations make it difficult for implantation of oosperm to occur. These conditions are hostile for sperms to survive in the uterus resulting in infertility.


Though the disease has severe outcomes, it can be treated using the Fuyan pill. Some of the components used to make this pill can kill viruses and bacteria effectively. Some of the components can get rid of toxic material and heat.

Generally, the pill can cure endometriosis within about 3 months by killing all kinds of bacteria and viruses. These same medicines and the ones that promote the circulation of blood in the body dissolve stasis. The dissolution assists in the release of pain together with the shrinking of the auxetic womb. In three months, all the lacerations are eliminated and thus, the disease is entirely cured. Therefore, the Fuyan pill proves to be a reliable and efficient method of treating endometriosis.

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